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  1. Isn't there supposed to be a version of "Boats" out there with Brian Wilson singing back-up? Now that's one I'd REALLY like to hear, just as soon as Eric gives Bernie the OK to start working on the Box set. Is it wrong to hope?
  2. Isn't the note Eric hits on the word "DAWN" one of the most "out of nowhere" perfect most joyous sounds in rock and roll history?
  3. Jeff, Unless I am losing my mind, those are female back-up singers on the alternate version. And yes I really did think they added something. I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that Eric cut that mix humself, and then decided to use the sparser version on the finished album. So it's not like Clive Davis snuck in the studio and added them without Eric's knowledge... I mean the Beatles cut slightly different versions of Let it Be and Get Back. Many great artists released different single mixes as compared to the LP's. Brian Wilson did it all the time. The last Shania Twain CD had two mixes of each song. I just thought the back-ups on "boats" were very cool and since Eric arranged them himself, I thought it was a real treat to hear a different but still powerful renditon of one of my favorite songs.
  4. No silly, you had to drill another hole so you could spin the disc backward to hear the clues.
  5. You want to talk Vandalism (we can't let this wacky thread die) I used to drill holes in the middle of my Beatle albums, so I could stick a screwdriver in the middle and play the records backwards. Turn me on Dead Man...
  6. Am I the only idiot in the world that doesn't know what feh means? Please enlighten me. Bernie, I wasn't expecting that answer. I thought the gospel vocals added something. Gave the song a spiritual sound. Not that is wasn't great before...
  7. To further my never ending quest to find out stuff that is none of my business....another question for Bernie. I know that BATC is one of your all time favorite songs. I was wondering what you thought of the version with the gospel singers from TDC?
  8. Rich, I can only imagine what Tony would say about us all liking the Hudson Brothers. Got that one, but the others are all new to me. Heading over to Amazon now to shop. Will report back in a few weeks. Will get some new socks too. MAC
  9. Marv, can you straighten this guy out please:) Tony, Maybe you've only heard the singles like "65 Love Affair," which could be a bit schmaltsy. But there was some great music on the albums. Superstar, Thinking of You, Ride Em Cowboy, Medicine Woman and many others. He wasn't the hillbilly schlockmeister you think he was. At least not to me. And if I've insulted any hillbillies on the Eric Carmen forum...I apologize. Kathy 25 years! So that means you were married at 14. Cause everybody says you don't look a day over 39!
  10. Wasn't Paul Davis great? I have everything he ever did. Another guy who never got his due. I've read that Drift Away is your favorite song ever. For some reason that song is forever tied in my mind to Wildflower by Skylark. Then, the weirdest thing happened. I bought Volume 10 of the "Have A Nice Day" series, and there was Drift Away as track nine. Guess what track 10 is? Anyone else have songs in twos like that?
  11. Rich, The First 2 songs on the new Finn Brothers kill me. The place to start with Shazam is "Godspeed The Shazam." It really is Raspberries meets Beatles. As far as Blue Cartoon go with "The Wonder of it All." You will love them. Can you recommend something that will blow my socks off? MAC
  12. Rich, have you checked out The Shazam or Blue Cartoon? Really top notch stuff. The Finn Brothers new one is outstanding too. "Hang on Mike" by Candy Butchers (Mike Viola) was also wonderful Elton John style singer songwriter Power Pop via the 70's best.
  13. BOTH & WAB3 I'm taking monday off!
  14. Marvin, Just got Jeff's newest "Stars in the Sand." There's some great Pop and Surf music on there. Although, it's not really in the BB's vein, if you're looking for some really great new pop music check out "Paparazzi" by Jamie Hoover/Bill Lloyd. These guys all hang out together with Foskett and Crenshaw and produce incredible stuff. Other recommendations... Swag "Catch All." Fantastic mid period Beatles, could have been the follow-up to Rubber Soul, but with today's technology. If you don't like it, I'll send you a check. The Shazam "Rev 9" Raspberries meet The Beatles. Same guarantee!
  15. Marvin, You know I was just busting you don't you...fellow cynic? You are entitled to your musical opinions. Who am I to criticize? I think Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey is a masterpiece. I guess I'm a sucker for a good "suite." Kind of a lost art in music that I miss very much. Now do me a favor, lock yourself in your room, play "I can Remember," and think about the first girl that ever broke your heart...
  16. Marvin beat me to the punch with side two of FRESH, so I'll go with Billy Joel "The Stranger" side one... Movin Out (Anthony's Song) The Stranger Just The Way You Are Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
  17. Bernie, you killed me with that one. I'm just imagining the poor bastard trying to hit the high notes in BATC. Hey, you probably have a video of that which would be a huge crowd pleaser at WAB3!!! My God though, what are the chances of two people falling in love and also sharing a musical bond like that? The stuff of dreams... I was a little bummed that I didn't get to see anybody on New Years Eve, so I am very much looking forward meeting all my new friends in July. Just another one of those "little things" Bernie and Kathy make possible. Bringing us all together like a family somehow... Darlene, I have a similar fear of flying. Especially long flights. Me, you and John Madden it seems. I'm sure you realize you had a much better chance of dying in the car, or bathtub even, but logic never enters into something so primal. If anything can help you beat this thing, it's a re-union show. Got my ass on the plane somehow! Marvin. I can't say anything to you right now because I am so blown away that you don't think "I Can Remember" is one of Eric's most beautiful and majestic pieces. I'm in shock. I guess you didn't think much of side 2 of Abbey Road either? Say it ain't so Marv.
  18. "The Way We Used To Be" takes me to a bad place. But I continue to torture myself with it.
  19. Darlene, I think Brian Wilson wrote "Good Vibrations" about you. I don't think a negative thought ever enters your head. Makes me wish I could stop being such a cynic. Does anybody know if Kathy was an EC fan before she met Bernie? Or should I wait for WAB3 to ask her myself?
  20. You've come to the right place. Just check back occasionally and Raspbernie will keep you updated on the exciting news regarding all things Raspberries.
  21. Can you imagine somebody visiting this site for the first time and reading this thread? Dividers. Sharpies. Paperboys. I'll bet this is the first time in history Belinda Carlisle has been mentioned in the same paragraph with Eric Clapton?!?! Darlene, the Duke missed out.
  22. Darlene, were you really running around record stores with a Sharpie?
  23. Thanks Bernie, for EVERYTHING you do. MAC
  24. Dave, you were not alone. Belinda Carlisle. I hated that bitch. There was no internet in those days, so you'd go thumbing through looking for a new EC release, and right there where the Eric Carmen divider should be was BELINDA. Even more insulting because she couldn't sing a note!
  25. Bernie, I don't know if you've answered this before or maybe it's too personal to answer at all, if so I understand. But I've always wondered how you and Eric first made contact. Was it after you built the Website? Before? Because of?
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