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  1. OK, here's my current stuff: 1983 American Strat 1991 American Strat with Delta Tone System 1999 Mexican Strat"TacoCaster" w/Seymour Duncans 1977 Les Paul Standard 1978 Les Paul Custom 1984 Kramer Baretta 1989 Telecaster Black Samick Greg Bennett PRS copy Epiphone Doubleneck w/Gibson Pickups Epiphone ES335 knockoff Boulder Creek Solitaire Acoustic Carvin Custom Shop CT-6T Carvin Custom Shop DC-127 Peavey Predator (project Guitar) Kramer Focus(Parts guitar) Amps: Steve Vai Legacy Heads(2) with Hasslebrock Mods Carvin Belair 2 X 12 combo (Hasselbrock) 1- 4x12 Vintage 30 Cab 1-2x12 Marshall cab w/ Weber speakers.
  2. I am blessed with an incredible ear...I can listen to something, and play it.... Thanks for the compliments...Anything I can do to help out!
  3. the a minor is inverted,,just play 5th position low E on 5, A on 7 barre the rest across 5 play the "G" position the same way
  4. verse:Bflat maj, C maj,A min, D min the last time it goes to D maj. Chorus: Gminor, to F-Maj-7th(8th position), back to Gm, Fmaj7, to D major, then back to the verse
  5. Do you really want to know? If I listed all the pieces I HAD in my lifetime, all the Guitarists here would cry, or KILL me for getting rid of them...
  6. Steve Lukather was here in Cleveland last Friday Nite.I should have gone to see him......
  7. "Purple People Eater"....That explains everything....
  8. It was a "Springboard" for alot of Out of state National Acts coming up too.I miss that place. Some huge names played that stage.
  9. I have a friend who goes to "Blobfest" every year.Its north of Philadelphia, and the actual movie theatre in the movie is the main attraction.
  10. Duane Allman did alot of the guitar tracks for Aretha Franklin's songs.
  11. Yes...The Cleveland Music Scene was incredible "in those days"..There were so many venues, and so many incredible bands then.I had the opportunity to work for 4 or 5 on that list. The Old Agora was THE showplace for talent.
  12. I had that opportunity after the first show in Cleveland.The following morning, we both were standing outside the Hotel waiting for the Valet to bring our cars up.It took forever to find our cars, which was ok by me! We had a very nice. long chat.And later that summer, Wally, Jesse, and I were at a cookout together. Wally is "World Class" In my book.
  13. I always liked Roxy Music"Country Life"... And the first "Black Sabbath"...the eerie farmhouse, and the "Green woman" who was supposed to be a witch.....wow
  14. Pick up the DVD "Tom Dowd, the Language of Music".there's great footage, and tons of interviews with Jerry Wexler, and the Formation of Atlantic Records.A truly great film.
  15. Mark my words...mark your calendars...within 5 years we(Cleveland) will LOSE the Rock Hall.No suprise, we've lost everything else here, due to crime, and lack of Police.
  16. Im into alot of Progressive music also. One band who has/had alot of incredibly talented musicians is Kansas.Unfortunatly all you hear on the radio is "Carry On my Wayward Son, and Dust in the wind" Steve Walsh has a great voice.Ive seen them several times, and they can duplicate their recordings live.
  17. I cant listen to Page's"guitar playing" either... John Bonham, and ESPECIALLY John Paul Jones were the TRUE musicians in Zeppelin (IMHO) (god forbid I should start a war voicing my opinion)
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