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  1. HEY YOU!!!! Happy Birthday...Halloween eh? I have to come over and egg your house! Have a great day, my friend!!
  2. Check this out: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20235258,00.html
  3. Their MUSIC DVD section is FOUR FEET...They advertise the "Classic Albums" series that is on VH-1, and NEVER have them. The "Wally World" in my neighborhood,is like going to a Carnival...every other person has teeth like a bike rack.
  4. When A Stranger Calls was great..."Experiment In Terror" was the original "Phone Call" movie...I believe it was made in the early 1960's...
  5. Four of us "tough guys" In High School at the time, saw it at the Colony Theatre here at Shaker Square. A rustic, Old English "Boston Like" Movie Theatre..Rainy night, waited in line for tickets...perfect setting.During the first parts of the movie it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.There were three "Big Mama's" sitting behind us, chompin on popcorn.When Ellen Burstyn quoted to the Doctor"I just dont know what to do" the one yelled "SHOOT THAT MUTHA $#@^&%"!!!!!!!! well the whole audience laughed for 5 minutes.Its what we all needed to calm our nerves.
  6. That face pops up another time, in the scene where the nurse is reading the results of her testing in the hospital.Probably the scariest movie Ive ever seen...period!
  7. I hope that I am dead by the time these kids "take over"
  8. THIS scene is the one that "Got" Me! "Captain Howdy" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsOjNZY88k8
  9. Bernadette Is one of my favorite Four Tops songs.
  10. I saw this about a year ago...Its a fake, but very well made.
  11. My autographed "Fresh" LP.Cover AND Album, both autographed at the First reunion show.All my original 45's, LP's and 8-tracks...
  12. According to Paul today, its Friday Nov.8th.Not wed 5th, like I heard originally.Still check the Ads to be sure...."Bon Scott era only"...Absolutely!
  13. Kirk, they are good. I have one, with a few mods,its a great piece.
  14. Kirk, I believe you won a "Taco-caster" Assembled in Mexico...serial # should start with a capital "M"...
  15. wed november 5th 8pm..what i was told..just wait till you hear the Leppard tunes...thats all Im telling ya!
  16. Wendy...my suggestion..."Start drinking heavily".....
  17. Anybody wanna buy a Bank? National City Bank here...Stock was nearly $200.00/share, now below $2.00!! Fasten your seatbelts...we're in for a wild ride...and Remember..."They Can't take what you dont have"...
  18. We HAD to eat olives at the bar....It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a drink...one bartender, with 100+ customers....
  19. I can honestly say I own 20 of those 23 on Vinyl, or CD.
  20. I have so many memories...a few that stand out: playing whiffle ball all day long,going to the pool,and having to be home before the street lights came on,working on peoples cars in the driveway(Dad was a mechanic), Every November putting the studded snow tires on all our cars(remember that?)"Sunday Sauce"(All you Italians know what I mean),Visiting family on Sundays(all the stores were closed, and thats what we did on Sundays)Listening to the WIXY top 100 countdown every New Years Eve, trying to guess which song would be #1 Those were such simpler times...how I wish times were like that now...
  21. "Hey I need the Chords to...." Happy Birthday ....have a great week!
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