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  1. It was a "tough" year for Drummers.... http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/12/28/magazine/20081228-livesmusic-magazine/index.html
  2. Yes and I found myself stopping there every day after work.I did have the Honor of being "guitar tech" for that show....and what a show it was...
  3. Ira, I asked Santa for a bottle of Dewar's 12 yr.reserve....
  4. You scored: 20 / 20 Total points: 200 The average score for this quiz: 18 / 20
  5. Thank You Mike...I agree.I thought I was the only Rush fan on this board....
  6. Danny S.


    You are very welcome!
  7. Louie Shelton, Dean Parks,Danny Gatton.....I could go on and on....
  8. You are getting me started...I could name a hundred that SHOULD be on that list....
  9. Yes Hollies you are once again correct. Glen Campbell was a session monster, way before he EVER became 'known" as a singer. There are so many left off that list, but speaking of monsters...Tommy "one take" Tedesco...may he rest.
  10. Wait..... MY FAVORITE(sarcasm) made #1 ???? Oh did they leave a bunch of EXTREMELY talented "complete" guitarists off that list..My My!
  11. Happy Birthday Jim! So I guess we will "meet up in the lobby" again Friday!! Have a great week, see you soon!
  12. I do not like Holidays, PERIOD! Its more work than what its worth.I have 7 to 10 days prior, dealing with 2000 customers a day who "cant make up their minds'...2000;"I have a question..."by the end , im just so beat up mentally and physically.Then I have to deal with my family...Just my girls...total opposites. My oldest cant make her mind up, to save her own life. She asks me "What are you doing for Christmas?" like she would ever invite me to her place...yeah right.So i will cook, etc, and she wont show up.So this year, I decided, no cooking, no entertaining, Im just staying home, resting, licking my wounds.Diane, where's that hole? i wanna crawl in, and not come out.....
  13. I worked with a "Russ Meyer" for years...and he also had an obsession for large.......
  14. "One must go to a Bowling Alley to meet a Woman of her stature" My Fav John Gielgud line in "Arthur"
  15. Firemen all said they smelled Cordite and found several main supports actually "cut" with a torch on a 45 degree angle in the rubble.
  16. Danny S.

    Game Shows

    My fav was Concentration, with host Hugh Downs.Especially when the contestant would get a match at the onset of the game, and the boxes would turn around, there would be a tiny mark in the corner Hugh would sarcastically ask"There IS a clue there, would you like to solve the puzzle"??!
  17. I can see that.It just seemed to be a bit harsh when it was broadcasted.It tends to make one feel "guilty until proven innocent".
  18. I saw that story last night and said to myself"what's next"? Talk about more Government waste...."face recognition software"
  19. I cannot believe this...I was just watching the news, and in Indiana, you are no longer permitted to smile for your drivers licence photo,because of New "face recognition software". No glasses, scarfs,or smiles permitted.According to the report, all States will have to comply with this new Federal law...UNBELIEVABLE!
  20. LONG STORY! "Ralphie"was/is a great drummer...VERY similar style to Jim.(Jim was a very big influence)He had a set of Ludwigs(Blue Vistalites).Funny because a couple times(recently) I had the honor of playing with Jim, it was like playing with Ralph all over again. Way to go Jim!
  21. I grew up and went to High School with Ralph Vitale. We had "rival" bands then.We hooked up in 1980 to put together an all original band, but it never materialized.Also, Sandy was my neighbor.I remember when he bought Jim's kit. Such a small world!
  22. My stress reliever...A tall glass of single-malt scotch,a cigarette,or two, and going down to my basement,grabbin a guitar off the wall,puttin the amp on "11"...just for an hour or so.The Scotch kicks in, and my ears ring,so I cant hear or care to hear anyone complain anymore!Trust me it works!
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