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  1. Just found this : Tribute to Eric Robertson of The Secret @ Beachland 6/7 w/ Secret Friends, Abbey Rodeo, Raygus, Morticia's Chair, Jimmy Black & Fillin' Station, Rainy Day Women, Donny Young, Denny Carleton Sat Feb 28th
  2. Every time I see Spinal Tap, it puts me in mind of "Sweet"(I have no idea why either) ha!
  3. Ive always been a Scotch drinker, but I also like a glass of wine every now and then. I recently discovered a cheap red called "Campobasso"... It tastes like it came from Grandpa Calogero's "Bassa-Menta"...Its really good,inexpensive, and 14% alcohol...Great for these balmy Cleveland nights were having now.
  4. I remember the look on my Father's face, when I played along with a James Bond movie that he was watching on TV...the "James Bond" theme, I was about 6, I believe....In the last 10 yrs or so, my "Thrill" was "Cliffs Of Dover" by Eric Johnson...and it really isnt as difficult as it sounds.
  5. He owned the building where my friend's bar was here in South Euclid.Met him a few years ago too.
  6. Our "First Lady" is quite the "Racist" also....
  7. They were one of my Fav's back in the day.
  8. Too bad...he did so much on TV, but I STILL will remember him from the Chrysler Cordoba Commercials. And Billy Crystal's Impersonations
  9. I voted for Joe Walsh....And I have the T-shirt to prove it! :p
  10. I always liked Ambrosia too. "Holdin on to Yesterday" charted on AM radio, and musically speaking I felt it was one of their best works. Listen to the background vocals....at 2:57-3:05 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxHULhSA0KU
  11. John McVie is an incredible bassist...
  12. My grandmother's name(my last name) was spelled wrong on her Ellis Island papers(I still have them)
  13. So....If Ella Fitzgerald, married Alan Funt, she would be: Ella Funt?
  14. C'MON! Its just the reflection of Giro's Christmas display.. :p
  15. Either of these TWO could be the worst ever, in my opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAmi1M2Vm0E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA5MtAmT24g
  16. sorry about the "double post" ..."must be my glasses" :p
  17. Yes it will be warmer INSIDE the studio!
  18. Paul Sidoti will be performing on Saturday Night Live THIS SATURDAY, January 10th.Tune in!
  19. Yes , next Saturday night will be an awesome show!!!(and a tad warmer too)
  20. No the person who uploaded the video on You Tube cut Lionel off....Daisy,Dont shoot the messenger!
  21. And here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9wa_nmh-r4
  22. What about that 'Foonge" on the face of ????the Choreographer....I cant think of her name...she looked like she wanted to kill someone..no smiles,just scorn, reminded me of one of the Nun's I had at St.Gregory as a kid......
  23. I was on Stage Left handing out guitars...I wish I could have been out front for that show...what a great little room at the Rock Hall..wow 8 yrs already...
  24. Nobody , and I mean nobody has a better ear than you Billy, but Im pretty close.....!
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