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  1. AND....Either my arms are too long, or my legs are too short....when carrying it in the case, it drags on the ground!
  2. I have one...its like playing/wearing a garage door....
  3. This clip was posted once before. I find it totally amazing how he transposed his exact thoughts through the musicians.Especially amazing was to "hear" all those parts in his head(like 2 or 3 Sax, 2 Accordians, the 2 -12 string guitars etc etc.) And the Accordian "triple bellow shake" that created the unique sounds.My Ex Father In Law ( we are still very close) Plays Concert Accordian.He is very well known, and is one of the best around.A beautiful instrument.He owns (now 3 ) restaurants, and strolls playing dinner music for his Patrons.
  4. My Deepest sympathy to you and your Family....
  5. "Tom...Can you get me off the hook???...For old times sake????"
  6. Alice Cooper's Band.....2 other greats left off the "list" : Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter.. The Intro to "Sweet Jane" on Lou Reed's "Rock And Roll Animal" should have made the list IMHO.
  7. Here's a good one...Davey Johnstone and John Jorgensen..Love Lies Bleeding...the guitar solo's in Harmony.....great stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAhpIjazFN0&feature=related
  8. Check the connections on the Cartridge...they are magnetic.usually a four wire config.sometimes when you touch them you get hum,creating a ground.If a wire is loose. I agree, it sounds like a ground...or interference from your monitor/computer fan.Keep the turntable as far as possible from the computer/hard disc.
  9. I just signed up at Facebook. I had 78 friend requests! Apparantly, its more for us "older" folk.....
  10. Davey Johnstone wrote some GREAT riffs.One in particular, that is fairly simple, and VERY effective is the "Pre-Verse" of "Love Lies Bleeding". I also liked Caleb Quaye's guitar work with Elton..the solo in "Take Me To The Pilot" stands out in my memory. the "lick" at 6:22 of this video: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=1CF1AD90DBD15494&playnext=1&v=Gu11pRrfe9U
  11. Walter Becker himself did the guitar solo on "Rikki Dont Lose That Number"
  12. I Loved Terry Kath's (Singing)VOICE too...
  13. Jeff Beck did more with four notes on "People Get Ready" than most of these guys will ever do. I Totally agree with that statement. Another great example of "taste", not speed, nor level of difficulty, one solo that always moved me was The Late Hiram Bullock, on Sting's version of Little Wing (Nothing Like The Sun Album)..Tone, texture,FLAVOR... listen:at 2:06...very "Beck-ish" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrWoEjo-SIE
  14. OMG Page? Stairway To Heaven #1??? Give me a friggin break!That is so lame...and Guitar World magazine polled this??? And since we're talkin Eagles, I wouldnt go see them for FREE without Don(Ben)Felder
  15. What about this one.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyPCmLotx0k Just think of Carl Spackler in "Caddyshack",going after the gopher.....
  16. "Im On Fire"- Dwight Twilley Band
  17. He looks like '80's Ron Jeremy...What a cheesey video that was...
  18. This, and the Sweet/Joan Jett/ AC-DC threads, are probably the funniest things ive read in a long time!!
  19. I used to get them in the middle of the night...wake out of a sound sleep, feeling like it was "The Big One"...terrible!
  20. To me, He sounded more "out of breath", than off key.
  21. ......And maybe an ENEMA too.....
  22. Danny S.


    According to the Associated Press, Powell called 911 around 12:55 a.m., saying he was having trouble breathing. Rescue crews arrived at the home, but Powell was pronounced dead just before 2 a.m.
  23. Danny S.


    Pride of Corpus Christi Texas... Who's left? Gary Rossington?? Ed King is still alive, but not with the band, same with Bob Burns the original drummer...wow..
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