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  1. I wish...Being "in Charge" and having 2 major holidays in the same week, the waves I would create, could possibly ripple for a whole week!
  2. The last time I walked into a Church, the Crucifix started crying....
  3. I'm working...had I known a few days EARLIER, I could have scheduled myself off....
  4. I like "Ollie's" he's the new The King of "Schlock" here.. I found a 300ct bottle of Ibuprofin for 50 cents from a "National Drugstore buyout"...But it had an expiration date of July 1991.. :p
  5. I never cared for them...Im not saying anything bad about them, maybe I didn't 'understand" them...
  6. I have the DVD collection of the Outer Limits. the one that Terrified me was "The Sixth Finger" with David McCallum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoKDgL5TeyU
  7. I read that St.Patrick was Sicilian....
  8. Boy does THAT line get the meter-reader(s) off their a#$es in a HURRY!
  9. I had my heat on 62, and I got "Estimated" readings of 300 bucks....so I "Estimated" my payments to them... "How do you like me now"?
  10. And BROKE from paying Dominion East Ohio!
  11. She was my fav too....just a natural beauty...
  12. I'd rather die than listen to U2...
  13. Happy Birthday MJ....Enjoy yourself....It's later than you think......
  14. I still am a huge Chuck Rainey fan, but I'll admit I am a bit biased, since he was originally from the "neighborhood" here.Thanks to modern technology, I have had several "conversations" with him over the past couple years,and he is a great person also.
  15. Actually MJ, that "I want you back" Is not that hard to play.Break it into sections.(However WRITING it, was pure genius)
  16. Entwhistle filled all the gaps, being that there was just 1 guitar in the band.And he did it VERY effectively. Others that had to "fill the void", and never seem to get the recognition:Geezer Butler(Sabbath),John Paul Jones(Zeppelin)and of course Geddy Lee. Marvin we should start a "Fav bassist thread"!
  17. Its funny, because just yesterday i posted a you tube link to "Something",,McCartney really pushed the envelope on that one.Especially if you ever heard some of the first takes of that song. He MADE the melody.he made the song "flow".
  18. I feel McCartney was much more "melodic" than Jamerson,McCartney played alot "behind" the beat, which is hard to put into type, I cannot describe it in mere words.... just my opinion, (no wrong or right answers).Chuck Rainey, and Carl Radle were fav's of mine too.Radle played in the "McCartney style". Beatles music writing changed with the times,they seemed to have that "sixth sense" when it came to writing timely masterpieces.
  19. Phil, i will have to look into it.Sounds interesting....
  20. Fried pepper sandwiches...The hallway at school smelled like an Imported food store.
  21. Wendy, what are "Good Tithings"???Sounds like "fun" to me! :p
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