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  1. still nothing here...they took the money though! i will feel much better with the tics in MY hand! I was one of the first orders processed (which really makes me nervous).
  2. I have the whole collection on 8-track..... really,I do ! albums also, but have never seen any A.D. cd's what a great band.they played Cleveland alot.
  3. Thanks Eric,when I first "heard" about this i wanted to volunteer my "guitar tech" services(like at the Rock n roll H.O.F.(remember?)I did a "Triple lindy" off stage left to try and catch your bass..LOL!),It was an honor to be a part of the show.I realize with all the celebs, and security,that this time it couldn't happen ,Now I have my vip confirmation, and am counting down the days. Paul and I are doin a few gigs around in the next few weeks,drop by and have a few martini's on me ok? What a suprise that would be..............Oh my! thanks again for all the great music over the years.Danny S.(Sidoti)
  4. Did anyone catch the WHOLE conversation between Eric and John Lanigan this morning on WMJI? better yet did anyone record it?
  5. Does anyone know about any other details about the show?the venue?parking? etc etc
  6. big thanks to jim b. for sure.i know he really wanted this, so did millions of fans! cant wait for the show,bought my VIP tics yesterday.I'll be the one in the balcony with the kleenex cryin tears of joy! thanks Eric,Dave,Wally,Jim,(Paul,and Billy too)
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