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  1. I'll be all in black. im about 5'9 built for power, not speed!glasses,and my deluxe "Anniribbon".I could possibly have a black eye after I meet Annie....she's promised to smack me around when she meets me. PROMISES PROMISES!
  2. Rennisance(or however you spell it) cleveland has a special for the show...rooms are still available, I got mine today(Saturday)even got a smoking room...amazing
  3. Another great one...Van Halen opened for Black Sabbath at Cleveland Music Hall.Sabbath practically was booed off the stage...'77 or so.
  4. yes,Jennifer Lee is her name, GREAT voice, plays keys too, Paul Sidoti, and Billy Sullivan also back there.Both are extremely talented guitarists/multi-instumentalists with fantastic voices.just wait till you hear them together... Danny Sidoti
  5. About 5 years ago, I found my "Let's Pretend" 45 with the "who's the foxiest" contest for the custom Volkswagen on the cover.I wanted Jim to autograph it so I could give it to Paul Sidoti.well after a few years, a few moves, and a divorce,I misplaced it. but this week, on ebay,I purchased another.In better condition than mine(Sorry Paul, Im keeping this one!!!)with all the excitement of this event, I got out all my albums, and sat and listened.nothing like the sound of old vinyl! Danny Sidoti
  6. I deal with a company in Puerto Rico.My contact is a Daisy Fuentes.and the mechanic's name is Juan Valdez (like the old coffee commercial, the guy on the mule,for you younger people!)
  7. the one that always got me laughing was the band "The The". I think they are still around.....
  8. my Thanksgiving memories....waking up with a SERIOUS hangover...eating like a pig, and falling asleep watching a football game,AND THEN GOING TO WORK ON FRIDAY....this year it will be different..... playing out wed nite, so no hangover, just ringing ears, getting up to cook for MY KIDS, barely eating at all, AND GOIN TO THE RASPBERRIES ON FRIDAY!!!!
  9. I'll put my 2 cents on "Tonight" ...complete with the count-in
  10. Tony according to the book, and the movie credits....its Falconetti ne never?had a first name mentioned either...
  11. Ironically in the town of "Killeen" Texas. his real last name was Knapp.
  12. Terry Knight, was killed monday 11-01 (stabbed) Terry Knight and the Pack fame, also Grand Funk Railroad producer
  13. Probably THE funniest show i have ever seen,EVER was the great Sam Kinison in Las Vegas.I found myself gasping for air, nearly choked to death! I have never laughed so hard in my life.What they taped for HBO was hilarious, but the stuff that didnt make the tape...OH MY!
  14. 'ome back an fight like a man"...."its only a flesh wound, Im getting a bit better"
  15. Here's a good one.....Falconetti from "Rich Man Poor Man" miniseries Robert?William? Smith played the part. every "tough guy" who watched this show wanted a piece of him.especially after he killed Nick Nolte...real bad dude! I think he was married to Barbara Eden in true life....anyone remember this guy?
  16. anybody remember "Dot" records? the multi-colored snake-like figure? on the turntable it looked really cool!
  17. I recieved an e-mail today that my ticket order has been processed, and will ship via fed-x. good news to those who are wondering about their tics.(I'll still feel better with them in my hand)!
  18. Mentor Hullabaloo,Chesterland Hullabaloo, saw them all the time there...anyone else remember the "Hullabaloo Chain" Also saw Eric when he was in Cyrus Erie Still have the 45 of "Get the Message"
  19. Steve H...its Robin Zander from Cheap Trick, and yeah he does have a great voice....still!
  20. Artful Dodger opening for Kiss, on the Alive tour... i think '76 or '77 at the Richfield Coliseum... Incredible.
  21. I was one of the first ordered, they took the money that day, but no tics yet.I e-mailed the customer service dept, and they responded "Due to the new construction,and a new facility (bla,bla,bla) .... but assured me that NO LATER than 7 days before the show I would have my tickets...I didn't really care for that answer(in 7 hours, the money came out of my bank account!~)I will feel much better with tickets in hand.(I lost out on Billy Joel/Elton John tics the same way....I was told they were in "Will Call". and guess what...they weren't)
  22. We call him the "Human Jukebox"....he is an incredibly talented musician,as well as a first class guy. go to: www.billysullivan.com
  23. ANNIE THANK YOU! I recieved my ribbons today.they are great! Danny
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