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  1. One thing that most people(even guitarists) don't realize is the technique of SWITCHING NECKS on a doubleneck.Wally is EXTREMELY smooth at this.In some instances you are not only switching necks, but moving a toggle to turn off one neck, and a pickup selector, volume, and possibly a tone knob also,maybe throw in a floor switch to solo, all in a split second! Paul Sidoti is also very good at this.Believe me it is quite a challenge.Especially when you are playing the doubleneck,I always said its like "Trying to play a garage door".I own one, and have been giving a solid half hour a day on this technique.Its a challenge for sure!
  2. Thank You Gene! Excellent photos!
  3. The Civil Defence "Test" pattern always did it for me.I remember as a child being terrified, especially when the voice came over"This is a test"........
  4. Is Stefani's still there? I thought it was real close to H.O.B. Great food...Also you can never go wrong at the Chop House.I get to Chicago a few times a year....would like to be there next week for sure!
  5. "Sicilian Penicillin" Get out the cheap Dago red(Cribari, or Carlo Rossi) the cheaper the better....simmer it in a pot with half a lemon, half an orange, and a couple of spoons of honey.Sip a few cups. Its probably one of the worst tasting things you would ever put to your mouth...BUT it knocks you right out,and makes you sweat like a RACEHORSE!you will wake up(with soaking wet sheets) and NO MORE COLD....trust me....
  6. A Happy and HEALTHY new year to all! I would be at the show, however,I have a show of my own that night. Peace Danny Sidoti
  7. Tony, I also lost my father this year. I lost my mother, Christmas 1979, These are very tough times. I know what you are going through, Believe me. Take one day at a time, and take them ALL IN. Danny
  8. I guess its just one more thing to think about when you take the stage.It's sad that in this day and age, with all the security measures, that things like this happen. We were wanded at the H.O.B. at the time I thought "this is crazy", but now I see why.All it takes is one sick-o who dislikes you. Darrell was murdered doing his job, not arguing, or fighting in a pub! What a shame.
  9. we stayed at the Renaissance also, and the doors on the square were LOCKED after the show. There were alot of pan-handlers out, and no police in sight. we had to walk around the corner to the Superior side to get in. I would not suggest walking alone.I was approached twice for money, and Im a rather large man. Just some friendly advice.
  10. im in photo #18 farthest left,behind Jim
  11. One more incredible tidbit....how about Jim's "drum break" in the song Ecstacy! tell me that wasn't absolutely amazing!
  12. Bernie, did you happen to see my "Fresh" album I had autographed? Wally could not believe the condition! They signed the record in silver also!(It looks like NEW) Im having it framed as we speak.
  13. Like I told Paul after the show, In the Balcony,Jim's High-hats were crisp, but his cymbals were not coming through as strong,we were ABOVE the cymbals, so the overhead mikes should have been stronger in the mix.Also, Eric's vocal mike on stage was a bit muffled as compared to his keyboard vocal mike.as far as glitches, DIGITAL guitar amps sometimes react to lights, and power drops.Billy had a problem with this.possibly when a certain light combination was selected.or possibly an open ground. being a new construction, sometimes this happens.
  14. The "Drunk" that kept getting up next to me(you know the "excuse me,stand up and scoot down the aisle in front of you routine") just about every other song. also the general lack of organization by the H.O.B. staff(which will probably get better in time). last but not least,prices of beverages! $3.50 for water, 7.50 for a plastic cup, half full of cheap wine!
  15. What an evening! It was like a dream. I sat taking myself back to "simpler times", shedding an occasional tear. Tears of happiness. Afterwards I had the honor of spending most of the night with the band, had the pleasure of meeting Bernie, we all talked in the lobby of the Renaissance until 4 am, and met up for breakfast this morning, before parting ways. It truly was an evening of a lifetime.
  16. Cleveland Free Times also did a story. A much better one.For all that do not live in Cleveland, they are available around town in retail stores, and boxes on the streets.
  17. Dont't kid yourself...Annie will be wearing boxing gloves.....and looking for me..............!!
  18. Take a cab, its only about a 15 minute ride,and if you are alone, don't even think about the RTA rapid (train).security is not that good.If it were me , i'd pay the extra few dollars and take a cab.....
  19. The melodramatic weatherpeople are calling for a "substantial possibility"(just another way of covering their.....)of snow Thursday into friday.Not to worry though,they usually are wrong! but it is going to be cold, especially with the wind downtown.
  20. Julia, I'll be staying there.arriving around 6 ish probably be at the bar by 6:02 LOL.just kidding... well maybe 6:15......
  21. I also will be at the Rennaisance. Wherever there is a get together, someone please let me know.
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