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  1. Jobriath? I cant believe anyone still remebers who he was :p
  2. Danny S.


    And now the addition of bassist Greg Phillinganes, and Simon Phillips on the drums, you couldn't get a better rhythym section.
  3. Danny S.


    In my 30+ years as a semi-professional guitarist, I feel Steve Lukather is one of the best around. Listen to some of his "other " work, like: "Talk to ya later" by the Tubes.The trail-out solo where he switches modes is absolutely incredible. cmon Bob.These guys were SERIOUS studio musicians.
  4. You may call it a remake, i know the Classics IV became the Atlanta R.S.... version of "Spooky". Another remake that I really liked was Sting's version of "Little Wing".Hiram Bullock's Guitar work was amazing on that cut.
  5. I have an 8-track of "Honor among Thieves" interested? LOL!! I just bought "Honor..."on cd. <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />
  6. Tony ...right you are! Hey Paul......"MIKE HORNER" aka Ed ............!! C'mon people you know who the tongue belongs to....
  7. Yes she did....wow that was a good one!
  8. My feelings... 1)There is alot more that will come out of this for sure. 2)MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LIVING WILL! 3)the federal government should not EVER be allowed to make the decision whether you live or die.
  9. I had a hard time getting in.My screen just said "Loading..." with a fuel gauge that did nothing. After contacting Bernie, I got back in. Hello everyone! Yeah, Ive been kinda busy over here too. The Band(s) have been working alot,and a NEW day job is in the works for me.
  10. Incredible talent lost...No one ever gave him the credit he deserved.A great slide guitarist as well as a VERY tasty soloist.Had seen them several times.They, like Artful Dodger ,played Cleveland alot.
  11. There always seems to be copies at Guitar Center stores(in Cleveland anyway). this is the only place I have ever seen Guitar Digest.
  12. "The Heart of the Matter" by Don Henley does it for me.When I was a member of Tequila Sunrise with cousin Paul, and more than once there was a river of tears. (very hard to hide under the lights). yeah i keep torturing myself with that one.........
  13. I saw Rush at Chanel High School in 1974..... with original drummer John Rutsey..... DOING COVER TUNES!
  14. Billy,I heard Huey Lewis say in an interview" I have the worst voice in the band".Tremendous vocals in that band.
  15. how about Sweetleaf? I ran into the lead singer (Ron Latare(wicz)last week. I played with Norm Tischler(the sax from Tiny Alice) last month. Rastus' guitarist(at the time he was only 17) is real popular in Cleveland... His name is Joe SanFillipo aka"Butch Armstrong".I see him all the time
  16. here are a few more....Cleveland bands who were on the cusp of breaking out..... Tiny Alice December's Children Circus American Noise Mike....Otto Neuber was the owner
  17. Heres a great live album(especially for all you guitarists)..."The Alice Cooper Show" it was a single album,around 1977, featured Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter on guitars(a'la Lou Reed).A "LIVE" recording, very little overdubbing, fidelity of a live show.What guitar interplay! Its out of print, but let me tell you, I wore my copy out.
  18. Bill C, I was in Minnesota in 2003. Caught an Incredible band called "Austin Healey".did you ever see them?
  19. One of my many bands did "Get the Message" by Eric's former band Cyrus Erie. this was about '78 or so, and it was totally amazing how many people knew the song. they were singing all the words! I told Eric the story and he really got a kick out of it. We also did a VERY good cover of "Tonight".
  20. I always went to see the Raspberries, when they were still a club act,(the Hullabaloo circuit)just because it was like seeing the Beatles ...They did Beatles covers....(in my opinion)better than the fab four! I never got to see the Choir live.I saw Jim B. in Dynamyte a few times.There were so many GREAT bands back then and alot of clubs.something you just dont see around here anymore.
  21. Todd....the "Back to the bars" tour....the OLD Cleveland Agora.....what a show. Another amazing tidbit...Todd played ALL the guitars on the Meatloaf "Bat out of hell album" All you guitarists.....listen to the orchestrated guitar work on the "Bat out of hell" title cut. Amazing! A truly great production
  22. I used Markleys for years.until lately.even after a few hours, my hands looked like I just worked on my car.I went back to Ernie Ball(I also get an endorsement "discount"...they keep sending me strings by the brick) and they have been great,they last, and dont seem to be as brittle. as for resringing the Doubleneck, I came up with a longer shank crank so you can still speed wind the high 6 strings, as well as the low 3 on the 6 neck. it makes life a bit easier.
  23. Go in the compressor room and shut off all the refrigeration. Dont get mad ...get even!
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