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  1. In my best late great Sam Kinison voice...."JUST THINK HOW GOOD IT WOULD SELL IF THEY HAD IT IN THE RECORD STORES!!!!!" FYE, Best Buy, Borders...no one has it, someone dropped the ball big time....
  2. Hey Bruce, Im still waiting for a Re-release of American Noise!
  3. String height at the tuning machine, where did start at the top, or bottom, also, check the nut, i always use pencil lead in the grooves. another tip: especially strats, change ONE string at a time.when you remove all the strings, the neck sometimes "moves" a thousanth of an inch can cause fret buzz
  4. I've recently switched over to Carvin,(5 yrs now) I own 2 VL-100 Half stacks, and a belair combo.With 1 simple modification(Hasslebrock)you can balance the channel volumes with one control.I can get multiple tones from these,(The tone controls actually WORK, what a concept)., and the durability of the amps are incredible.Check out my Myspace page and hear the legacy in action www.myspace.com/rushsignals
  5. Booker T's version of "Hang 'em High
  6. the "Five Dollar" chords...like the late great Tommy Tedesco would use Am7flatted fifth,,,,you need 2 more fingers
  7. Heard last nite he was "found"...along the Mississippi river.All you music people out there... listen to the song structure, melody, hook, and major/minor changes in "The rain, the park, and other things>.Yeah when we were kids, the words were kinda-"un-cool" but the melody (was) and still is incredible.
  8. Too Bad its at the Agora.... Pretty bad neighborhood 4 sure
  9. Happy Birthday Eric ! Words cannot describe what your music has done to me. Have a Happy Birthday, Make a wish? How do you top the last one? All of our wishes came true for sure! Danny Sidoti & ("The Family")
  10. I called Paul Sidoti, and told him to tune in, at a restaurant after rehearsal tonite,they turned every tv to vh1 classic, only for the whole restaurant to be dissapointed.After I assured him it was following the playlist to a tee! until Blondie was substituted.
  11. I WAITED ONLY FOR VH1 TO SUB "BLONDIE" what a crock!
  12. Billy,Effects pedals: in my experience Ive always found that "overdrive" pedals, distortions etc should go in the front input, before the preamp,keeping the pedal level matched to the volume your amp is set."coloring" pedals(delays, chorus, etc) should run thru the amps effects loop.(After the preamp) Strats hum...single coil pickups hum,especially when you move the guitar.a secondary" string ground" has been installed on ALL my guitars.also a "hush" pedal is a great investment, however i dont need to use mine. Polarity is always VERY important also, especially if you use battery eliminators.Invest 75 bucks in a Furman Power conditioner.plug everything into that, and the furman onto a clean outlet.this way all polarity is correct.I currently run and old rocktron Replifex(no distortions,)just echo's, chorus, etc via midi foot controller, through my effects loop and have a VERY quiet rig...NO NOISE at all.
  13. great show! They were RIGHT ON. unfortunatly the sound company wasn't.it took about 4 songs to get the mix, but that venue is a really tough! Great job guys!
  14. I'll be there....for sure and at the H. O . B. Sat nite too Danny Sidoti
  15. I absolutely loved "Something's Goin On" by Freida (solo) with the Phil Collins power drums, that "Abba"compressed harmony vocal sound, and the "Marshall Plexi" guitar...great stuff.
  16. Seriously, my (ex) and our kids, when they were small, stayed at a "budget" hotel In Niagara Falls, and the bed was full of fleas......nice...
  17. Is that kinda like the urban legend of the picture of the Jamaican with your toothbrush stuck up his......???
  18. Thats why I still dont own it! :p
  19. Danny S.


    Stut...Paul and I used to do gigs when he would come into cleveland,We had a 4-piece and would play ANY song for A tip, well someone requested Rosanna, so we huddled for 15 seconds,and started the song, and realized we had no keys!IT was HILARIOUS! needless to say people kept putting their hands in their pockets all night, and we wound up with more tip money then what the gig paid!
  20. Darlene, was that the one that Public Televison was selling?I saw a few bits, Byrds, Three Dog Night, Eric Burdon etc....it looked great, but it was VERY expensive.You had to pledge like 200.00 to get it.I dont know if it is for sale yet? CMT had a great show about Southern Rock,The Allman bros bit was very interesting.especially the Tom Dowd(producer of "Layla and other assorted love songs" section The Clapton/Duane Allman meeting, and how Duane actually "wrote" the famous 7 note intro to Layla.and of course the bird call slide lick,at the very end, like"im gettin in the last word". They stated that Clapton was in need of a fire to be sparked under his ...And Duane was called to "Shake him up" a bit.
  21. Danny S.


    Paul Sidoti and i did Rosanna in a pick up band one night....totally unrehearsed.....first he sang the keyboard/synth part,and NAILED the guitar solo note for note!...people went NUTS.we still laugh about that one!
  22. good luck Julia.Yes the dreaded dept of Agriculture. For years I sold and installed the very equipment that you probably just purchased.Pennsylvania was always tough on product labeling, not to scare you.. Weights and Measures were always strictly enforced in Pa.write me if you have any questions.Im up on all the rules.... Danny
  23. Geeze Mr. Oliver Douglas....obit said he was born in April 1906 making him 99? wow what a life.
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