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    Well, like i said before, when we lost the last home game(game 5)"its over".Last night, there were some bad calls(Lofton WAS safe at second, and Joel Skinner holding him at third base in the seventh? we had a game, until the Boston Bats exploded.Our DH, Travis Hafner, must have gotten "an envelope" from someone, i mean 1 hit in 17 at bats? C'mon.
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    Indians will choke....."we cant' win a sausage in this town"(M.Trivisonno)
  3. In the Suburbs we have Cd exchange stores(used to be called the Record exchange) Used CD/vinyl,dvds etc.theres about 10 stores east and west side(s)
  4. Danny S.


    My Indians are getting their as#$% handed to them.......
  5. Once you're over 40...Name me 2 things better than the anticipation of a "Raspberries: concert with friends from EC.com.-Ira. 1) a bottle of good single malt Scotch 2) A day off work!!!
  6. I used to"wheel" between WIXY, and CKLW on my transistor radio....CKLW was near the "8" on the dial.You knew you had it when you'd hear "Gratiot and 8 mile Rd"I think every sponsor had a business on Gratiot Rd.! the DJ, I think, was Byron McGregor, who did a narrative "song" in the '70's with "America the Beautiful" playing in the background? help me out here....
  7. Marvin...Id bet my left.....Thats NOT Walsh playing the solo....TOTALLY different style, sounds like Stuart Smith
  8. The Beachland is 10 minutes from my house.I would love to go!And I liked Starz when I was in (gulp) High School......anyone else interested in going?
  9. i just wish they had copied those "cut-ins", All the old footage Ive seen, on the net, and the TV specials were all the same.....the audio cut-ins were good too, however the video's ,,,i still laugh thinking about them...Remember 'The Cyclops", when he was on his shoulder with a spear, poking him in the eye? I have ALL those cheezy movies on DVD, a pretty good collection,and a great source to find them
  10. My Favorite Ghoulardi memory was when he started putting himself in the movies.It was "The Attack of the 50 ft Woman" he shimmied up her thigh, turned to the camera and winked....next thing he was on her breast, laughing.I dont know how they got away with it back then, but it was probably the funniest thing i'd seen on "Live" TV,!
  11. 88%...only because I dont grind my own beans...
  12. 88%...only because I dont grind my own beans...
  13. Last Saturday, we were all having a blast, meeting, mingling,without a care in the world. This Saturday,TODAY, right now, I just got home from a 10hr shift at Heinen's.I run the Meat Department in their #1 volume store. Im beat, bruised,and bummin.What a difference in just 7 days.I had a great week, thinking about everything that happened last Saturday, it was like a dream,so surreal.Darlene and I locked up all the mail servers thursday night when she sent 83 fantastic pictures to me.I look back, and would rate last weekend in my top 3 experiences of my 50 yrs.Thanks to EVERYONE, once again. And now.....lets get this TOUR goin..... Danny Sidoti
  14. Those "Free papers" are so biased anyway, It doesnt suprise me one bit.
  15. Paul Sidoti will get this...... "Honey? I'ts the guys................... (an old Sam Kinison routine)
  16. "What, Im like a clown, I amuse you"?
  17. Son, I told you, 1 am, not 3, ok.......
  18. Adrienne and I are neighbors....for years, and never knew it till we met at Bernies saturday! Tis a small world......
  19. Overnight Sensation....Listen to the crowd during the "Transistor radio" part....gets me right in the heart every time.....
  20. Danny S.


    Darlene, Ive got a bunch, I sent them to Bernie
  21. Kath, I sent you a GREAT pic of the 2 of you singing!
  22. We had a fantastic time, i cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had! Danny & Lynne
  23. The Last "Real" Marshall I owned, was a '71 Plexi Super Lead 100.This was an amp.I made the mistake of buying a JCM-2000, but it kept burning up output Transformers.I had a JTM-60 combo that was kinda cool, but its long gone too. My Carvins sound so good,I took the Logo's off, and have had more people come up and say"That amp sounds incredible, what is it?"
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