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  1. "Sleepwalk" Santo And Johnny "The Year 2525" Zagar And Evans Just popped into this busy brain of mine......
  2. Timithy...by The Buoys....was Timithy(that is the way they spelled it too) their Dog, or their friend??? great melody, sick song though.....
  3. Joe(Raspyrock) has an extra ticket to the Cleveland Show.He is staying at my house, if anyone is interested in it, contact Joe or Myself.
  4. Actually, Raspberries do "Substitute" Live, better than The Who did it.....
  5. I feel like I've known her all my life.I love the "Long Island" accent, but she says"What accent, i dont have an accent, YOU do"!!
  6. A Town Without Pity...Ronnie Montrose version
  7. No matter what shape your stomach is in" By the T-Bones....remember the Alka Seltzer commercial?
  8. Booker T is popular on this post.....I really like the way he did "Hang'em High". others instrumentals I like: Classical Gas : Mason Williams Theme from A Summer Place:Percy Faith(Makes me think of Animal House)...I see someone else already posted these two.....
  9. Eric , you forgot 'Little Black Egg"!!LOL!
  10. Layla .... anyone see the movie "Tom Dowd, the language of Music"...Its amazing.Criteria Studios, the Making of Layla, awesome!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp9bY7cvyAE A treat for all the Clevelanders
  12. Ride Captain Ride-Blues Image how about "Me and MITHIS MITHIS Jones" cant remember who did it, but I remember the "Lithp"
  13. Deanna Adams' Rock and roll and the Cleveland Connection,She is a personal friend of mine, go to her website, you can get the book there www.deannaadams.com
  14. Tim From Wisconsin would know the answer to this? Did (or was) The Looking Glass become "Starz"? I Thought Sugarloaf had another hit.....THATS RIGHT!Could have been a Lady was April Wine.. hey the Time Change messed me up.....
  15. Natalie Wood for sure....Bea Arthur? The only "2 reasons" I watched Maude was a very Healthy Adrienne Barbeau!
  16. Timothy-The Buoys In the Year 2525-Zagar and Evans Joy-Apollo100 Chick-a-Boom-Daddy Dewdrop Brandy-The Looking glass Green Eyed Lady-Sugarloaf But i think they had another release"Could have been a lady"
  17. Geez!!! Look what I started......
  18. http://www.citi-music.com/radio/playlist/Sparrow.mp3
  19. yes Wally does "wear it well"
  20. Yes, and mine is "neck heavy",Doin the "Tribute Band"thing, it turns out I use it for 3 songs (one in each band!)PLUS, you gotta have short arms, or else the case drags on the ground when you carry it....
  21. A true master of the doubleneck.....its like wearing/playing a garage door.........
  22. I just talked to my cousin,in Canoga Park, he said its like a "war zone" all the roads into/out of the San Fernando valley are closed.the winds are constant.He has trees down all over.He told me this is the worst he's seen in 40 yrs living there....
  23. Danny S.


    Feb 31st is even better.Yes the superior team won.Not arguing that.The Indians forgot their bats in New York.
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