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  1. Just turned 18 and is taking the Country Music Scene by storm..She's the hottest commodity out there right now.
  2. Its a very comical story, I'll let him tell! (the Audition part)
  3. Yeah! Im very proud and very happy for him.
  4. LC.... All the Cleveland Reunion shows, Chicago, and the countless "Hullaballoo" shows back in the day...
  5. Danny S.

    Chat Room

    Im available Friday...no gigs this weekend... Last time i had chest pains from laughing so hard!
  6. The dates are starting to show up on: www.taylorswift.com go to calendar
  7. Anna, all I can say, is you should have heard them here at the State theatre....It was hands down the BEST I have EVER heard them sound....EVER! and thats alot of shows Ive seen over the years....
  8. All the people around her want her money, thats all! I agree with Tony....something aint right!
  9. with Taylor Swift...The tour is starting!
  10. Hey! Paul will be on the Tonight show on January 15, and Ellen Degeneres show January 16....Tune in !
  11. Poor Freddie though...with those teeth he could eat an apple through a picket fence!
  12. I Totally agree Hollies65...I wore out my copy of "In Color".
  13. That song had me crying at the State Theater
  14. Danny S.

    Chat Room

    I was getting Claustrophobic....I had to leave!
  15. Danny S.


    I have the same book but its by Seymour Bottoms...I think there might be some copyright infringement there... The other book, which is a real good read is: "Breaking Through The Music Business" By the (really tight 50's group)Buster Hymen and the Penetrations
  16. Danny S.

    Chat Room

    That Lobby is kinda lonely...unless you like talking to yourself!.We have to organise a chat nite or something...
  17. Ok....My blood pressure dropped back to normal.....Thanks Eric....
  18. Ern, i would like to help"handling Suzanna's equipment"....you can handle the guitars.....
  19. sorry wrong link...it was the Movie Rollercoaster, 1977, I believe...with Timothy Bottoms.They were"in concert" at the amusement park....
  20. hey Sparks fans....remember, they were in this movie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rollercoaster
  21. We got over a foot of snow here last nite...it was over my dog's hips when i let him out.With the high winds, the drifts were almost 2 feet high.gettin cold too, like 19 tonite and tomorrow.
  22. Too bad Foghat lost a couple original members..Rod Price and Dave Peverett. Foghat always played Cleveland in the late 70's I was never a B.O.C. fan. A radio personality here always said that 'Blue Oyster Cult was the shortest band in Rock-n-roll' I think one member was taller than 5'5" the rest were all shorter!
  23. Happy New Year to all my friends and family here. "Make it great in Twenty o'Eight! GEEZ....where did the years go???
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