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  1. Hotel California ole'55 Take It To The Limit I Cant Tell You Why Wasted Time
  2. I call it "The carton of Camel's" voice..
  3. YES!! I have hands that should say "Rawlings" on their backs....
  4. Danny S.


    I was/am a Huge Don Felder fan...I won't go see Eagles again...nor haven't since he was "replaced"...
  5. Hey..us 'Butchers" are a "Dying Breed"(pun intended), of course im not called a "Butcher" anymore....I prefer to be called a "Meat-Stylist... :p
  6. Danny S.

    Chat Room

    Ive got a "low-dough-show" tonite, 9p-1a...
  7. Bernie...Fiddles tend to "tap dance on my last nerve" too!!
  8. And watch him on Ellen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U22y7602-To
  9. When they're on the top of the hill, getting ready to race Waldo, and Spanky says"Whats a matter, ya scared of a li'l hill?
  10. Hey Buckwheet,ya like cheese?...when Spanky sabotaged Alfalfa's sandwich, and put soap in it. he sang "let me call you sweetheart", and all the bubbles came out of his mouth. I still liked the one with the Giant, in the cave with the huge treasure chest(Spanky was dreaming it)
  11. Thats very interesting Lew.I never realized that.
  12. Hey Billy...Paulie backstage with the "Blondes telling Blond Jokes" women....I can SEE it now...
  13. Joe Pesci is a guitarist also.he played with Joey D and the Starliters(Peppermint Twist)
  14. you need the old 'Sicilian Penicillin" Boil the wine! Get the cheapest red wine, 2 tsp honey, a half a lemon, and half an orange.heat it up, sip it,(probably the worst tasting thing you ever had), but it knocks you out, and makes you sweat like a racehorse.you'll wake up feeling better, trust me it works.
  15. Danny S.

    Chat Room

    hey these big fingers ya know!(you know what they say about men with big fingers).....BIG GLOVES!get your mind out of the gutter MJ....
  16. Danny S.

    Chat Room

    I missed it last night...had a 'last second" GIG(got called to fill in.....)but i was there Friday! between Darlene, and MJ, I couldnt get a word in...(Think "Uncle Buck" When John Candy was on the phone with Chanese(his girlfriend)and couldnt get a word in during her rant ! LOL!
  17. he consulted a "Musicologist" .....really?How often do THESE people work? I never heard of one before?
  18. Just in: Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, 47,000. Swift finally breaks into the top five in her 63rd week on the chart. Her debut moves up from #8 last week. The teen star has two songs in the top 25 on Top Digital Tracks—“Our Song†at #18 and “Teardrops On My Guitar†at #25.
  19. C'mon we all know it was those "Infra-Red" Ten- Thousand Degree stage lights that every club had. They killed more brain tissue than all the pot smoke!
  20. Tony, you are full of great ideas today! Taylor shaving your back is another one!
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