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  1. OMG Heep fans! I love it!!!The "new" Heep (Guitarist Mick Box is the only original member) sound great...But nothing like that raw stuff from the '70s. I love July Morning, Sweet Lorraine, Sunrise, Gypsy.....................
  2. Ive been a Carvin User for about 10 yrs now, I have 4 Custom Shop guitars, 2 Legacy half stacks,a wireless unit, and in-ear monitor system GREAT STUFF! check it out on my My Space page www.myspace.com/dannysidoti
  3. I hope I die real soon.I dont want to be around when this generation takes over.....
  4. G-Man was into the "Serious" comics.... Probably liked Mary Worth too!
  5. Hands down My fav was Herman I also liked The Far Side, and BC/Wizard of Id
  6. Ole 55 recorded bt Eagles, was written by Tom Waits.(I didnt realize that)
  7. Lew, just having fun with that Sammy thing, no "mocking" It was all in fun!
  8. He DID! "take it to the bank!"
  9. I went to John Gorman's book signing party, all Steve told everyone all night long was "im the man who signed Meat Loaf".....
  10. AND....Sammy Davis Jr. did all the background vocals too.!
  11. And Todd Rundgren's Utopia...I know Max Weinberg did all the drum work, Kasim Sultan (Utopia) did bass...also Clevelander Steve Popovich "Broke" (according to a conversation I had with him)Meat Loaf.(Cleveland International label(Epic I believe)
  12. I thought he died...."Oh Rose MARIEEEEE" I heard Sammy Davis Jr. Sang all the background yodels..
  13. Angus Young....My neck hurts just watching him.....
  14. Well "Bat Out Of Hell" is sucessfully stored in my aging memory banks, on to the next....hopefully I can remember it! The solo after the "motorcycle Guitar" (6:25 into the song for those of you playing along at home)was a challenge.....Enough for tonite...now "where's the Scotch".....
  15. Lew, there was a band here in Cleveland, called "Sammy's Good Eye"....... "Eye Yey Yey!"
  16. Tony, you forgot CNN(We used to call it the "Clinton news Network," or the "Communist News network"....because of its biased opinions(NAW really?)
  17. That wasn't a guitar on Bungalow Bill: The opening riff that sounds like a flamenco guitar was played on a Mellotron, which is a type of synthesizer(I didnt realize this either)
  18. My Daughter just told me there is a new Batman Movie coming soon,(she saw the Trailer) Starring Heath as the Joker..Its so sad when a movie comes out after sudden death.
  19. Todd Rundgren's guitar work was very challenging..There is alot going on, musically.I am layering 4 tracks, and double tracking the solos(A Randy Rhoads trick) I spent the better part of the day "brushing up"..They want me to do the live shows too.
  20. F.Y.E. I will be in the studio, this week, re-recording the guitar tracks on "Bat Out Of Hell", and "Anything For Love",for a National Meat Loaf Tribute demo package.They were not happy with their current guitarist's work, so we'll see what happens...Cool stuff BTW...
  21. I just read about this on the wire...too bad..he was one of my Daughter's favs!
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