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  1. 19/20 I missed "respect"...I said wilson pickett...correct answer was Otis Redding
  2. I know who they are...! Remember when David Thomas was (moniker)"Crocus Behemoth" ?
  3. Ira stayed at my home in December for the State Theatre show.After the show, after the After show party, we returned to my house and split what was left of my 12 Yr.Reserve Scotch.What a gentleman he is.We chatted till approx 4am. A truly Great man!
  4. MJ, I had an English teacher who looked just like Mr.Peabody.......and his First name was....SHERMAN!!
  5. Prom: Charles F. Brush Class of 1976 Tux: A horrible light gray(all i needed was the "Good Year"logo on the back)YES I WAS A BIT ON THE "THICK" SIDE. Band: Jasper....great band BTW... Class song: "Dream On" Aerosmith Graduating class: 764 Date: BORING! Dropped her off and went and played cards all night........
  6. Danny S.


    Darlene, get well soon! Shingles? Oh my....
  7. Whats really sad, is that the "Cleveland" section is like a closet.One glass case, that everyone, including myself, had to "ask" where it was.Its off in the corner...sad but true.Ive been there Twice...Once for Eric's solo show(we were given free wristbands after soundcheck, to roam around all day)and the other was last December, after the State theatre show. I would never 'pay' to go again.
  8. "Eye of the beholder", "the Invaders", the one with the Diner and the aliens (the fake third eye),William Shatner with the Mystic Se'er" napkin holder"A game of Pool" with Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters,...But there was one, not a popular one, where a 707 airliner flys into a time warp, and New York City is all Dinosaurs.They go back up to get speed, and come back...but not back enough....that one was great.
  9. I am making a public apology to a dear family member that we all know and love very much.I had made a comment, rather, voiced an opinion, on something that caused alot of hurt, and anger to this person. It was not intended to be taken the way it was, and after a heated discussion, we did manage to patch things up,However,I still hate myself for being so quick on the trigger, on this subject, and saying what I said, before thinking of the results of my action.I sometimes forget that this is a public forum,and I get caught up in a topic, and forget that its not a private message. To my cousin, I apologise...I Love you, and never intended to hurt you the way I did. To people that I have become friends with on this forum, I apologise. I am going to bow out for a while, to lick my wounds, and heal from the inside. To all my friends here, you can contact my via PM, phone, or email. I must step back and heal now. Goodbye for now:( Danny Sidoti
  10. Happy Birthday John! Keep the great posts coming. I always look forward to them.
  11. Earlier,when Rod Stewart was the topic of discussion, I found the Maggie May story very interesting.I thought I read, that Maggie was a "B" side, and a Disc Jockey played it instead of the "A" side which was??? and It took off like wildfire. Is this true?
  12. American Girl ...What a song.Paulie and I played it several times together in various bands,and we always played it the "correct" way..The Guitar interplay is very regimented.Campbell's chording/writing in this song was incredibly tasteful to say the least. I could never call it a "weak" song.Sure , its not a "balls to the wall" song, but It, IMHO, defines the term "melodic".
  13. Paul and Taylor will be on "dance wars"? on ABC....like in 10 minutes, 8pm eastern time...
  14. Bernie, youre the best!!!Thank you!
  15. Kresge's had a lunch counter too....They became "K-Mart"
  16. Giant Tiger became "Gaylord's", Uncle Bills was Cook United elsewhere.Remember "Topps"???
  17. Good luck!!, i caught it this A.M.!
  18. Tom Petty was awesome, Mike Campbell is one of my fav's....
  19. Im not watching...I just got home from work.....
  20. Actually "The Dark Side Of Oz" is pretty cool.... I agree Paul may just be the "Last Beatle Standing"
  21. I was staying at a cousin's house, who was a bit older than me, and he recorded Revolution 9 on a reel to reel tape, and reversed the reels somehow so it played backwards.I was much clearer than manually spinning the record backwards.There was a car crash, moaning, flames, and someone yelling "get him out" get him out!" well this terrified me! and i can still remember exactly how it sounded to this day.
  22. MJ Types like a machine gun.....
  23. I'll be there since I have no life....
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