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  1. Dear Adrienne, and Ernie...My deepest sympathy on the loss of your Sister.I prayed for her recovery, I prayed for the two of you, and now I feel your pain. This is the THIRD passing this week. I lost a Cousin Tuesday, a Friend Wednesday, now this bad news. Im truly sorry. Danny
  2. Here's a better "sighting"...you actually see Paulie.. http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/i_video/main500251.shtml?id=4104693n
  3. Tony, after surviving a brain tumor myself(benign thank God), i wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy.having to learn how to walk and talk again etc etc...I STILL have some issues, and it was in 1993. But I do agree, Ted was(IS) the definition of Government waste, and BS...
  4. The Chesterland Hullaballoo building is still standing, and Turney's hardware owns it.its used for their lawnmower/power equipment sales/and service.Boy if those walls could talk....I spent "many an evening "there, diggin the music, and chaisin'what us City boys called"Farm Girls"..A few pitchers of 3.2 beer(anyone remember that?)and, well..........
  5. First...the Ford van. A friend of the family had one, and my(late) father being a mechanic was always "called to look at his van"..needless to say I heard some pretty heavy duty 'words" come out of My Dad's mouth... Like Darlene said "Bucyrus Erie" was a heavy equipment company(Mostly cranes, and huge backhoes), however The Cyrus Erie West was a club here in Cleveland, back in the '60's
  6. a couple that come to mind....both from the 1969-1970 era: Easy To Be Hard-Three Dog Night Vehicle-Ides of March
  7. Mr.DICK Clark blocked the video....What a ...!
  8. I had the opportunity to see him perform...once.At Chanel High School , Bedford Ohio.They actually played a High School Dance/Concert...
  9. Happy Birthday Cuz! We sure did celebrate this weekend!!!!...I had a blast, have a safe trip "home" today. Love Ya
  10. Bernie, I love the "little details"...like the shadow of the guitar, Is that a paper 45 sleeve on the ground I see with the other "litter"?
  11. Julie, my condolences..To quote Reid, "your "Family here" is always available for you"...Im sorry.
  12. Every day I find myself"shaking my head" over this new generation...unbelieveable...
  13. Me and the "boys" MAY have to "make him an offer, he can't refuse".....
  14. Ok, my two cents worth...everyone seems to "slam" Celine Dion.The first time I heard of her, was "Power Of Love" on the radio, and I said, what a voice...ok, later, she started to become "Let me see how many notes per second I can sing" a-la- Yngwee Malmsteen is to guitar.But still, that woman has a great voice, and a tremendous range.Her version of "All By Myself", the part when she modulates up,gives me chills. Just my opinion....
  15. Bernadette-Four Tops If you dont know Me By Now-Harold Melvin(Teddy Pendergrass) My Girl-Temptations Cant get Enough Of Your Love Babe-Barry White Someday We'll Be Together-Supremes
  16. Call the city service department, some communities will set a cage-trap , then pick it up. Be careful, they are very nasty when cornered.
  17. Ira, Happy Passover holiday to you. Working in a Jewish Neighborhood, I have been a big part of the holiday, for alot of people, providing their holiday food.Briskets(like 12,000 lbs already this week...) Today, its all over for me and my crew, Enjoy, Danny
  18. Billy, Every time I hear the song "Volare" I bust out laughing because of "Hollywood Knights"That was MY list of fav's too add: Caddyshack, Back to School, and Easy Money
  19. I always loved "Talk To Ya Later"...Steve Lukather did the studio guitar work(listen to the last guitar solo, he has his "signature" licks in there.....
  20. All the Department stores had record departments.We went to Record Revolution, and-or The Record Exchange On Coventry(Great Imports, even "Bootlegs")...Record Rendezvous had all the new stuff, but was very expensive.Any Clevelanders remember Record Theatre stores? Which became Coconuts...R.T. had a GREAT "Cut-out" section.
  21. My Instructor..remember, I once posted that he quite possibly could have been the third meanest man in modern times, tought me very well,but always made me use my foot, for timing...I never understood why at first, but you develop that hand/foot coordination, which is crucial as you advance.after 40 years of playing the instrument, its all 'touch, and feel'.The mechanics are "automatic", but the melody comes from the heart and soul...
  22. I first saw the "Dice" character on a HBO comedy special from 'Dangerfields", around 1985. the line-up was: Not in order....:Kinison, Dom Irrera,Robert Schimmil,Dice,and?? all I remember was Dice stealing the show. AND i really liked the short lived TV show he did on CBS with Kathy Moriarty...
  23. I TOTALLY agree Hollies....I LOVE Cheap Trick
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