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  1. PLEASE Lets not put the proverbial "Cart before the Horse"...this was just a "suggestion" to Bernie...
  2. The fire department/rescue squad is 11 houses up the street....
  3. http://www.afterthegig.com/Spotlight/Spotlight-DannySidoti.html
  4. Its funny, I went out on a limb with this one, offering Bernie "an alternative"...I could NEVER pull this one off by myself, however, I dont like the word "never"....
  5. Billy, Dont forget the sky high Diesel prices.All our meats, produce, groceries arive by truck,and train.The trucks, as well as, the Thermo-King Reefer units are Diesel powered.Add in the flood factor, and just watch these prices soar through the roof.I'm seeing it every day.
  6. Bulldozers are expensive...eggs arent cheap either.I can send a couple of "the boys" out to "make him an offer he can't refuse"... Seriously keep your chin up, aim,focus, and move forward.I realize how bad the past months have been...keep a positive attitude...We're all here for you!
  7. wow thanks Barb! although you're a little off....Im 50! but I feel 30 !
  8. Tommy,watch that B.P. Things will settle down, but your health is more important than anything else.
  9. Bernie, we could always have it HERE this year...Ive got a complete P.A. in my basement, and a big back yard....just a thought....AND "The Band" is just down the street....(Hint)
  10. Happy Birthday Ira! "What Bernie Said"!
  11. Sad news! I saw him several times...Most memorable were at the old Musicarnival. Very funny (and very smart) man
  12. Adrienne, I am very happy for you! My oldest got married this year also~
  13. How does one forget to eat? That one made me laugh...I wish i had that problem....
  14. THE best facility in the world....My prayers go out her, as well as the rest of your family. I truly believe in the power of prayer.
  15. What the hell is he doing to use that kind of electricity? Frankenstein's Lab didnt need that much...And how big is his home? I run my AC for a week, and I get nervous when the bill is coming...
  16. There have been a few on Ebay the past year.A good friend of mine, bought one, fairly reasonable too.However, the seller insisted that it had the original pickups,(the primary reason my friend wanted it in the first place), and when it arrived, They werent...he was so upset, and STILL is fighting with the seller.Be careful!
  17. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! I plan On going to 'Club Heinen" (WORK)for a few hours this afternoon. I have no family plans, so i figured I would take care of all the Fathers that are shopping for steaks today...
  18. Terrible news...I like his style.
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