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  1. No one can make me hit the radio dial FASTER than U2.... Maybe the Rolling Stones....never liked anything either of them did.
  2. My Daughter Maria took over 300 pictures that nite.Some of them, like the one above, are "framing quality". What a great show!
  3. A whole year already....wow.And that day flew by too! I was one of the first to arrive, and POOF! it was over!
  4. I thought I read that. At one time Dark Side was in the Guinness record books for "longest on chart, in years"
  5. What about Slim Whitman? His ad's used to say"He sold more records than the Beatles and Elvis combined" :p
  6. Thanks...Yes, I too, have met people here who have become very very good friends.
  7. In and Out's are great! I had them in California.however, I was at a Sheetz gas station(thats right, a gas station) in Boardman, Oh and it was probably the best"fast food" burger ive ever had.
  8. Paul will be doing a phone-in interview with my good friend Jim Mantel on WGAR 99.5 FM Cleveland,Friday morning,in the 8am hour.The concert, is "beyond sold out", there are NO tickets left whatsoever.I would tune in around 7:30 if possible, or go to wgar.com for live web simulcast. This is a very special"homecoming" for Paul, and he is very excited to say the least~!
  9. I posted a bulletin with the link on my MySpace Page
  10. I had the opportunity to see The Who twice.Once with Kenney Jones, and the last time with current drummer Zach Starkey(Ringo's son) doing Quadraphenia at the Gund here. Zach is an amazing drummer. I wish I could have seen Keith Moon....just once....
  11. Some of my fav's are Becker, Seinfeld,M.A.S.H. and Sandford & Son....The Fred Sandford character, was my father to a Tee.He loved that show too. I have a very hard time watching it now though, since my Dad passed....
  12. Paulie, I always enjoy reading your posts. I TOO have been a Raspberries Fan LONG before I found this board in 2004.But today things are so very different.In everyday work/life, we as a society (at least I notice this)have to watch everything that we say.theres always someone waiting for somebody to 'slip up"...Im going through this at work right now. I kinda say we always seem to have to "Wipe our shoes, before we set foot in the house" whether theyre dirty or not, If you get what i mean....
  13. Peter Frampton walked in one night whem I was there...and got up and played too.Memories.... It was like a being in a Women's prison that just got a 24 hr. liberty pass!!!!.A real wild place!
  14. They are so lucky she wasn't "packin'...could have been really ugly(er)
  15. There is NO reason , in this day and age, with all the sicko's out there,that ANYONE should EVER do something like that to another person...TV, or no TV. Im sorry, this is demented.
  16. Danny S.

    July 4th

    Gunshots? Sirens? Tony, are you SURE you dont live in my neighborhood? Its like that all the time here....
  17. great...I hear Tornados dont like flatbed trailers
  18. I want to take the time, to thank each and every one of the people who took the time to wish me a happy 50th...It was a great week....Thanks again! sincerely, Danny Sidoti
  19. Please ladies....dont get too excited....its not for sure yet.....
  20. My Alma Mater Too....Charles F. Brush High School, in Lyndhurst, Ohio
  21. I still have all mine...the national Lampoon radio hour series,Cheech and Chong, Hudson and Landry(remember them?)Myron Cohen, Pat Cooper, I could go on and on....
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