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  1. Happy Birthday Eric! Hope you are having a terrific birthday...enjoy!!
  2. Very very cool....thanks for the this contest!
  3. A very Happy Birthday Bernie....! Haven't been on this site for a while....looks like things are hopping again!
  4. Hauntingly beautiful Eric...thank you so much...I really felt the pain in your voice...just pure...loved it...and always appreciate the commentary...it really gives us the backstory and heartfelt inclinations of the song...
  5. Wow.....simply amazing...cannot wait to hear the new song...thanks so much Eric and Bernie!!
  6. OOOHHHHH! A prize! Sounds good to me!
  7. Hope you have a wonderful joy filled birthday Darlene! All the best to you!!!
  8. Have a wonderful birthday Marlene!!
  9. Thanks so much all! Hope to see you all again...hoping for that solo concert someday!! My poor husband can't spoil me today...he has bronchitis...and my son is just getting over pneumonia...so it goes sometimes! I am not on here much anymore...just too busy. But I think of you all fondly and will always treasure the reunion memories...and they sure were some great memories!
  10. Happy Birthday to my dear Hubby Jeff...without you my dream of seeing the Berries would have probably never come true. You and Matt are my life. I love you!!! Paula
  11. I know that Jeff and I will never forget that night...I have never had that 'magical' feeling before at a concert. Don't know that I will ever have that again...unless...there is another! Thanks for helping us relive the memories of that wonderful night!
  12. Happy Belated Birthday Darlene...hope you had a wonderful day!
  13. Happy Birthday to fellow Wisconsinite Laura! Hope you have a great one!!!
  14. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!
  15. Have a wonderful birthay Marlene!!
  16. Today is your big day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Eric, happy birthday to you! Hope you enjoy many more wonderful birthdays in the future!!
  17. Congrats! That is soooo neat!
  18. Thanks so much for the great photos Vera! Hope you are doing ok...I have fibromyalgia so I know what it is like to be in pain. Hope you have more good days so we can see you again on 'the boards'!
  19. Yes Eric! I love her song too....I actually loved her last album...the one no one liked. Give it a listen, it has some great songs on it and her voice is amazing!
  20. OOOHHHHH! Not only is the guitar cool, but check out that hat! Wowza! Love it!
  21. Razzy


    I am confused too, as to what she is confused about???!!!!
  22. Look what I found.... Beginning at 8:00 p.m. est. Saturday, February 14th WGN will air Somewhere In Time for 3 consecutive showings. Throughout each showing you will enjoy footage of Grand Hotel’s Somewhere In Time Weekend 2008. Included will be interviews with Jane Seymour and archival footage of Christopher Reeve visiting the Somewhere In Time Weekend at Grand Hotel. Cool!!!
  23. "Somewhere In Time" .... just beautifully sappy!!! And love the music!
  24. I am ready too MJ! I can't wait, although I will dvr it and then I can watch it in peace tomorrow. We will have to have a discussion group tomorrow to try and figure things out!
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