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  1. All I'm seeing is almost $150 per night at the Hyatt for one adult. Is Shatner mad at me?
  2. Off to the newspaper rack!
  3. I know'd it I just know'd it. I have a wedding to shoot that Sunday. Short of a run-away-bride, I cain't be there. I hate missing Raspberrie's shows!
  4. I say "the hits", whether Berries or Eric... and some new songs.
  5. Back in the day I must have thought film was gold. I barely shot a couple of rolls at any show. With digital I get about 300 images at any Raspberries' show. I wish I had shot that many in the 1970's. Anything I got back then is up on my site, Bernie's, or the Berries' site.
  6. And I remembah... thinking a new CD would never happen... ahh dee ahhh deee ahhhhhhhhh.
  7. Mike Marrone says he has finally gotten his disk. Maybe he'll play a cut or two on air.
  8. I'll let you know what he says.
  9. Ryko has never sent one to XM Radio either. I'm sure some cuts would be getting airplay if they had. I'm not beyond buying one and sending it.
  10. My post above didn't make much sense with a missing word. "Bit" was missing. It should have said... "that is a BIT much for my preferences." Hey, at least I don't write for a living.
  11. And one of Farrar's sentences ran 60+ plus words. Just an opinion... but that is a much for my preferences. We can be critics too, right?
  12. I'm a little bit surprised at the Scene's shenanigans. It is a bit immature for people at a publication in a major city. Or, for that matter, any city.
  13. I wonder if they justify advertising rates by the number of hits they get from the links they post on sites of people and bands they're written about. Hmmmm indeed.
  14. Nobody recognized my chubby cheeks?
  15. Jim, I'm tellin' ya. I saw flying monkeys. I ain't driving that truck 24 hours straight again!
  16. I hate rap. I have no business writing reviews on rap. You can't convince me to like rap. Sounds like he's got the same issue. It's not that it is a bad review of the disk... he just doesn't like the band. He doesn't like the music and never did and never will. I'm sure he would have written the same review about any Raspberries album no matter when it came out. Calling the band overrated? That is simply an opinion. If it were true, at least they're in the game. It is analogous to calling someone a has-been... it's better than being a never-was.
  17. I should have shot Mark in LA. Wait, that doesn't sound right. I think that was Mark working on some gear after the show. I should have photographed him, but I was running all over the HOB trying to find Al so we could get Mark a Raspberries T-shirt. In the process, I also missed taking a picture of Rick Springfield. Al later said the T-shirt got delivered. That's the important thing!
  18. For a nominal fee I am prepared to do fingerprint analysis of bubble wrap and offer a certificate of authenticity. For slightly higher charges I can provide envelope swabbing and DNA testing. For a huge amount of cash, I can also get you a spot on a daytime talk show where the entire Raspberries staff will be required to submit to DNA testing, handwriting samples, and forensic study of envelope stuffing technique. A portion of all proceeds will go toward next year's WAB.
  19. So, you mean all along they weren't planning on using the proceeds to buy an island in the Bahamas to set up a casino where they could store all the equipment until they unveiled "Branson South"? All the paranoia about the late DVDs was for naught?
  20. Darn, wish I had been there. I had a wedding to shoot. Next year I'm going to have to make the trek. I hope the date gets announced early!
  21. I think that was it. The Limited Edition ones were popular... but they were advertised as being only 300 available. So, a the additional edition was configured as to not devalue the other. The Special Edition is more unique than what you could ever get at the local record shop... making it "special".
  22. I went over to the Raspberries site and checked out the limited edition vs the special edition. From the site: • NOTE — the Special Edition sets will NOT be numbered or autographed.
  23. What can I say other than: She Loves You (Yeh, yeh, yeh) I Want To Hold Your Hand Help (I need somebody) All You Need Is Love Hey Jude Something We Can Work It Out Can't Buy Me Love I Feel Fine Love Me Do And on and on. Oh, those silly, dated, love songs.
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