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  1. Hopefully the camera will always be facing the band. That leaves our backsides to the camera. That should lessen the chances of identity for court/indecency purposes. We can always use the "nudge" feature in Photoshop later to push certain things back to where they were in 1973. Michelle, did the photo of Elvis come through?
  2. Ok... you can be the official poster of camera phone photos. Provided I don't get too wrapped up in stuff to remember (or I get hurt in the naked mosh pit).
  3. Nice counter downer. And at no taxpayer expense. I voting fer Bernie this year.
  4. I've got an idea... for all those not able to attend... I'm sure cell phones will be ok to take in (with the ringer off!!!) but mine has a camera. I'll shoot a picture and send it instantly to an email address, and someone could post it or spread it around. And other folks could do the same
  5. One of my favorites they've played in concert... ok, in 1973, is... I can Remember. I guess they can play just about anything from an album and we'll probably know it, since there were too few albums anyhow! If they'd put out 30-40 albums, maybe I wouldn't know all the songs....
  6. I'll get one when we arrive. By the way, I've been a Jimmy Swaggert board member for some time. I've just been sitting back and watching.... A couple of years ago I got my password but didn't really do much but check the site every day or so. Boy, did that pay off! I'd never have known about the reunion.
  7. I've got about two dozen photos from 1973 and 1974 I'm going to bring up from SC. I'll try to post some of them on the web before hand... and if anyone wants a copy I'll bring them to the Hall of Fame get-together or at the dinner... or in my room...oh, heck, I'll have them.(free or at the most, at my cost). For the most part, the pictures are group shots. Some performing... some geeking the camera. In a few days I'll have them scanned in and up at my website.
  8. If some folks want to go to the Hall of Fame, you think we could do something together? Friday or Saturday is fine... I may even come up earlier.
  9. Is he looking for a Harry Nilson(sp?) album, maybe?
  10. I am considering organizing a world record attempt prior to the dinner or after the M&G. We could hold the biggest streak to/back to the hotel of choice. This in of itself will not be the record. Of note will be the attempt of a significant number of naked middle aged people trying to outrun the Cleveland Police. I hope it's not toooo cold.
  11. If this talk keeps up I'm going to sell my M&G tickets and go up front with the naked middle mosh pit-lunch with Bernie crowd.
  12. Back in 1973 or so I saw the Raspberries in Spartanburg SC. I was back stage for a long while chatting with the guys as the Hollies played on stage. Every now and then someone would disapeer... they were helping a few fans sneak into the show! I was 18 then and still smile about it. If you look in Bernie's book, the group shot of the band backstage is from that show... it's a wonder I got them to hold still long enough.
  13. They'd kick some serious butt on Today. If KC and the Sunshine Band can get the gig... surely the Raspberries! And VH-1... I quit watching when they got into so much rap stuff. Do they still have a spot for rock?
  14. I'm just coming from South Carolina. A mere hop, skip, and jump. I have my VIP tickets... I hope the guys don't think we're all stalkers!
  15. If anyone wants to try to get shots... I highly recommend doing so without a flash. I'm sure the lighting will be good and the flash would probably never carry far enough anyway. It would be a distraction for the performer and bring the bouncers your way. Not that my 300mm lens could go unnoticed. Is anyone familiar with how tight security is at HOB? I could try to sneak the old camera in... but a pat-down or metal detector will send me walking back the hotel to leave the camera. And... if they allow pictures at the meet n' greet, how are we going to get the cameras through security for that?
  16. I'll be there with Nikon in tow! That is, if the HOB has no problem with it... and the guys have no problem. Whatever I shoot will be for Bernie and the Berries, no charge (and my walls at the house). I will not profit from any pictures, if'n I happen to get a shot of someone at the meet n' greet who wants a copy... it'll be yours. Sir Bernie, if you can let me know offline any rules about shooting.
  17. I worked radio for about ten years in the late 70's early 80's... and sho nuff listened to a lot from the 60's on. Big Star? I am sure I'd love them, but I don't recall them. The Raspberries. Now that's one I loved before I got into radio... and still do! Years ago, the famous Walt Turner music director of WORD radio (and later on other bigger stations) told me he was putting on the Raspberries latest because I had bugged him so much. It was Let's Pretend... and I was 18... the same year I shot pictures of the group which showed up in a certain book recently!
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