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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. I ran across her at one of the Cleveland shows. She seemed like such a sweet lady.
  2. Would that be: 1: A case of OCD 2: ADHD 3: Too much caffiene 4: Too much Meth 5: Too much time 6: Way too much energy If I could focus like that, I'd finally get some stuff done.
  3. Maybe you can list your favorite. All I know is I could not believe how horrible the CareerBuilder spot was. ANNOYING! SOOOO repetitious. Bernie, you need that account. They need serious help. I liked the 1 second Miller spot.
  4. Gene

    "BAAAD! Ideas"!

    Any commercial using Billy Mays.
  5. Yes. In looking over his bio, he used to be active playing music himself. One of the anchors asked if the band was a one hit wonder and Scarborough did manage to think of a couple of Raspberries tunes and mentioned "All By Myself". Which, off the cuff and live, is pretty good to be able to do.
  6. Right before 9:00am they came back out of commercials playing "I Want To Be With You". They were having a little wrapup and were talking about what they learned today... and talked a bit about the band and Eric and what great music it was.
  7. I think of this quite often. At least with a negative or a print you can hold it and look at it, this year or a hundred years from now. Who knows if 25 years from now a computer will read our old JPG files (if the CDs or DVDs last that long). I create about 25,000 images every year. I really don't want to have to copy them into some new format every few years. By the way... if you have photos on file, make backups. I keep three copies of files plus the customer has one. And I still worry. Hard drives fail. Really, they do.
  8. Holy Cow! Talk about exposure. I can say I knew him when. gt
  9. Barb and Eric... ya'll made me laugh. By the way... happy birfday to Jim.
  10. For what it is worth... the FBI did at one point say that the original World Trade Center bombing project was financed in part by the illegal trade related to counterfeit goods including CDs. I guess they'd do whatever it takes to make money for the cause. Drugs, CDs, clothing, oil. Related to all the conspiracies... sometimes the simplest answer is the correct answer.
  11. I'm sorry. I'm sure it hurts and I'm glad you were with him at the end.
  12. Don't know if it was mentioned... but the story and video made CNN. I'm sure the video and all reports are public information. As far as making him go through the tests... it would look bad for the cops in court if they didn't. Probably standard protocol short of endangering the person. I lost two friends this past week. One kept right on smoking after a quad-bypass five years ago. He was 52. He died in his sleep. His heart quit. My other friend just bought a new sports car and a new house. He drank himself to death. He died in his sleep. He was 54. In the months prior, his wife had enough and left. The way I figure it, and it is none of my business... but what the heck, Eric has two choices... get better or die. Got that? Stop it or you're going to die.
  13. The photo was made during a false alarm in which a number of community members thought black helicopters were trying to sneak down from the arctic circle to try and stop their secession movement. Shortly after the scare, she went back to teaching a local abstinence class. She had been doing a show and tell of some sort, from what FOX has reported.
  14. That's the second "huh, lol" I've gotten from Chris. My post was two lines of thought. I should have separated the ideas with a paragraph and not a close quote followed by a period. First thought: If the band does do another show someone will complain about it wasn't close enough to them or they had something else they had to do... as they have done so many times. Second thought: I do wish Bruce would make an appearance with them. New thought, but related to the first one: If there is a next time... it might really, really, be the last time. I hope not. But, do not miss your chance.
  15. I wonder how many people might say, "The last show is not in my city... I can't make it", or "I have a soccer game to go to that weekend." I wish Bruce Springsteen or Brian Wilson would take the band under their wing. Imagine what the exposure could do.
  16. I dunno if Trend is any good, but I use it. I got tired of McAfee and Norton due to them constantly going online searching for updates. They slowed my computer, and working with graphics, that is not a good thing.
  17. All By Myself... followed by Party's Over. I'll buy the tickets for Eric, Wally, Jim, & Dave's plane ride.
  18. Bigfoot in the North Georgia woods is as likely as UFOs in the swamps of the Bayou. I think there is too much bad liquor in both locations.
  19. I think we ought to do one like the "banner" (toward the bottom of the link) for a certain band we know.
  20. The best to you... and like Ernie said... hope to see you on the road soon!
  21. I think Bernie's list (or the RRHofF's non-list) includes some of the best bands ever. I hate to think of some of the folks who got admitted in lieu of those on the list. Word.
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