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  1. There may be other tidbits, but since I haven't read it I can't tell it. But... Amazon has a review of the the new Clive Davis book "The Soundtrack of My Life" and gives his comments on 12 smash hits. He lists "All By Myself" at #4 and says: "I flew to Cleveland back in the day to meet Eric Carmen and hear the songs he wanted to launch his solo career after leaving the Raspberries. The first song he played for me was “All By Myselfâ€. I was knocked out by the song and the performance. This was a potential classic if I ever heard one and so I signed Eric right away." (edit: Oh, just saw Bernie's post about this on a different thread)
  2. I did a shoot for The Explorers Club this past weekend. In talking to the lead singer/writer I found out he is apparently not only a Beach Boys fan, but a Raspberries fan. He says in the next album, out in July, there is a Raspberries influenced tune. I can't wait to hear it. Here is a sample of their Beach Boys influence... http://soundcloud.com/expclub/the-explorers-club-forever
  3. Sorry. I just thought it was funny. I know it's not about religion, politics, or UFOs, but I found it entertaining. If it is disturbing we can have it removed.
  4. http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/TtrJj06jsz7uKVt7
  5. Happy Birfday! Hope to see you before the next show!
  6. Palin/Cheney may declare war on them and have their leaders hanged/beheaded. Don't wait too long.
  7. The MySpace site says of "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life"—"the other demo version is a sharp new remix of the No. 1 blockbuster by its original producer, the renowned Michael Lloyd". I guess the notes failed to mention "tweaking" aka "a sharp new remix" of another tune... "Hungry Eyes".
  8. One of the nicest guys ever.
  9. I can't believe some of what got in before the DC5 or the Hollies. I'ma fan. See toward the bottom
  10. Bernie got banned from Facebook. Well, sorta. There is a news story that MILK is banned from being promoted on Facebook. The headline is: "GOT MILK? Not on Facebook". For any newcomers, that slogan is Bernie's brainchild
  11. Here are some shots from that night in 2004. Seems like a few months ago.
  12. John is a fan, and as I recall made an appearance on Reflections:Side 3, a tribute to the Raspberries.
  13. This is his first album. A bit pop, a bit country. Voice has the genetics of his dad on some cuts. Some great folks help on this album. http://music.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...lbumid=13843476
  14. I wish you both well and tell her I said "hi". GT
  15. I'd love to have been there. It's so good that the stars lined up and Paul got this gig with such a talent. He is at the top and deserves it. Taylor really seems to have a great family. I hope she is around for a long time. The industry needs a bonafide talent with class for a change.
  16. I saw him at Johnny Malloy's sometime back. I think you'll be impressed, especially with his Raspberries renditions.
  17. Happy Birthday! I wish you much happiness, joy, and creativity for the coming year.
  18. I'd put my name on the list for a disk that had redo's of the pop/rock songs of Eric's liking. I'd love to hear a Badfinger tune. They, and of course the Berries, were among my favorites.
  19. They must have liked Holiday Inns. When I carried some freshly printed 8x10 B&Ws to their room (they were watching Yellow Submarine on TV) it was at a Holiday Inn. I wish I could have caught a few dozen shows back then. One more in 2010 would be nice.
  20. Billy, I hate I don't get to see you with Herman... but I'll be there for Friday night. However, you'll be near Atlanta soon, maybe I can drop in! I was just working on my taxes and thought about you. I ran across a receipt for some sorta place in Strongsville OH. Seems I remember you playing there that night. I hope it is a legit deduction. If not, drop by the debtor's prison and play me a song.
  21. Ya think someone could have written the song about her and Clive? (and I don't mean it romantically)
  22. Gene

    Danny S...

    Apparently he has a bad case of Fung. Not that there is a good case of Fung.
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