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  1. Happy Birthday Pat !! Hope you have a great day !!!
  2. Happy Birthday to one of the coolest chicks I know.....Hope you have a GREAT day !! Peace + Love...Mitch
  3. Happy Belated Birthday G-MAN !!
  4. Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes. I really do appreciate them very much. I had a great day !!
  5. Mine.....in no particular order : Beatles Stones The Who Zeppelin Cooper Floyd Queen Aerosmith Skynyrd Black Sabbath and honorable mention....Raspberries
  6. My deepest sympathy Jay.....my thoughts and prayers are with you. Mitch
  7. With all the abuse the city of Cleveland has taken in the past.....we deserve a perk every now and then ! That's my story & I'm stickin' to it. LOL
  8. Yea Baby... I'm there !! Who else is going ?
  9. I'm also an animal lover. I know that this is a very difficult time. My thoughts are with you. Mitch
  10. Yes....great news !! Now...go and show the rock hall what they're missing !!!
  11. Marv...what a great post. I've really given alot of thought to this & have to say while it would be very easy to say The Beatles, I can't. Simply going by the first four albums, There is no doubt in my mind...It's Raspberries !! In my own very humble opinion...All four of The Raspberries Albums were simply brilliant. And with each one, they got better. Like everyone else here, I would have loved to have seen where they would have gone had they stayed together. Peace...
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