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  1. After the recent deaths of Lemmy (bass player), David Bowie (singer), Glenn Frey (guitar player) I was jokingly thinking that drummers should beware. "All the Young Dudes" came on the radio and I thought I'd check out Ian Hunter's site to see if he any posts about David Bowie. (David wrote the song). He had a post that the drummer for Mott the Hoople, Dale Griffin, just passed away on Sunday.
  2. I plan on asking them which parrot video's they've seen on you tube!! I hope everyone knows that I'm only joking about going but the event does really exist. I would somewhat understand the whole thing if it was a fundraiser for a good cause but I don't think it was. AnneNR...I've been to SF a few times as well as Monterey and SD. I love it out there. The coast is beautiful!! You're lucky to live in the area.
  3. They did mention in the article that they had a similar event for the Starsky & Hutch guys. I guess we wouldn't think it was so odd if it was someone that we really wanted to see!!!! AnneNR...it's in Anaheim (don't know what part of CA you are in) and there are 8 tickets left at Chip's table. So..... you may want to think about going. I didn't look up Beaver Clever...I was too busy watching parrot videos!
  4. Do you ever get bored and try to think of something to search online for? For some unknown reason I looked up My Three Sons. I watched the show but was never star struck by the guys. Did you know that you can see "Chip & Katie" at a 6 hour event this year and for $400 you can sit at their dinner table with 7 other people!! LOL!!! You don't get to sit with both for $400...only one or the other! I learned that it's probably time to limit my internet access!!! Especially in wee hours of the morning when I have to work the next day. I have to admit...I did have a good laugh about it when I told friends that I got tickets..they weren't sure if I was kidding or not.
  5. We better not laugh at the audience! Hopefully we'll still be enjoying concerts at that age!! Unfortunately with the internet it's hard not to search for current info...it becomes an addiction. Check out what the BCR are up to now.
  6. A group of people had been waiting at the side entrance of the hotel that was across from an entrance to Public Hall. A few performers had come out of the hotel....The Foo Fighters and Jason White from Green Day. It was getting close to the start of the show and most of the people left. A few of us wondered if Green Day was still inside since Jason had just come out. We didn't want to miss the show but didn't want to miss seeing them so close up. A security person said to wait around a few minutes because someone big was coming. An SUV pulled up to the doors across the street and Paul got out along with his wife. They didn't go inside right away. People yelled out to him and he turned a few times and waved at us before he went inside.
  7. Bill Withers was also inducted. He was hilarious. He sounded more like a stand up comedian. Stevie Wonder inducted him. Bill made some comment about not using the teleprompter and Stevie said he hadn't used it either. Bill said something about not taking too long in his speech because Stevie would have to use the bathroom soon. He made a lot of other funny comments. Check out some of the highlights online to see if you can find some of his comments.
  8. Did anyone else here get to go? We had a great time. We saw Paul McCartney arrive right before the ceremony. He looked great and waved to us few fans who were hanging around outside before the show.It worked out well...we got inside about 10 minutes after the show started because of this and were able to miss Mylie Cyrus on stage! Unfortunately it was when she was performing with Joan Jett who we would've liked to have seen. I'm a big Green Day fan and went to the show to see them get inducted. They put on a great show as always and did "Boys" with Ringo. Paul and Ringo seemed to be having a lot of fun joking around when Paul was inducting Ringo. We were able to see their table from our seats in the balcony. Yoko was sitting at their table along with Jerry Lee Lewis. Paul was actually up dancing to Green Day during their set. The end was a treat when Paul and Ringo sang together with all of the other performers on stage. It was an unforgettable night! I'm glad we were able to be there. I was also able to attend Green Day's show at the House of Blues on Thursday. They give the best live performance of any band I've ever seen!!!
  9. I was in a Ruby Tuesday's and a song called "There She Goes Again" (not Velvet Underground or The La's) came on. I really liked the song and searched the internet for days trying to find it. I finally came across it on You Tube. It was done by Richard Lloyd. Has anyone listened to him? He was also in a band called Television. I started checking out his other music and really enjoyed it. I thought is was interesting how hearing a song in a restaurant introduced me to music from years ago that I would never have known about.
  10. I don't know if this was ever posted here. I found it while randomly searching images. Found it at: https://jaydeanhcr.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/random-thoughts-for-friday-august-10th-2012/
  11. AnneNR: People were posting their condolences on Kay Bryson's Face Book page.
  12. I was playing on Face Book and saw on Kay's page that Wally's mother passed away last week.
  13. We were talking about Ian Hunter in another topic and it reminded me of Freedy Johnston. He opened for Ian in Cleveland in November. That was the first time I heard him. I really enjoyed his music and didn't realize that he's been around for a long time. Has anyone ever heard his music before? Check him out on You Tube. He did an acoustic show opening for Ian but unfortunately he didn't finish his set. I'm assuming it was due to a really rude bunch of people at the show talking loud and yelling out for Ian during his set. And it never fails... the worst one in the crowd had to be standing right in front of me!!!!
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