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  1. Happy Birthday Eric. Thanks for the wonderful music that has meant so much to so many. You have such as strong supporter base brought together by a love of your songs and music over many years. I am not alone in hoping that you will continue to record and release your songs. In the meantime have a wonderful birthday and all the very best for the future.
  2. Hi there Just logged on and heard ERC's Never Say Die but wasan't able to keep a copy to listen to. From what I read there have been other unreleased EC songs on this site from time to time eg Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Can someone help me get copies of some of these songs? Can't get enough of his music! Really appreciate any help...thanks.
  3. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Been a fan of EC's for many many years, and only wish I had a chance to see him perform although I guess that's less likely as time progresses.
  4. Just heard this "new" song - what can I say? Fantastic - great to hear Eric and the emotions he is so great at creating. Should be released on his next album as a must!...as soon as possible!!!!
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