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  1. The other two guitarists in the Raspberries line-up were Billy Sullivan (blonde guy), ex of Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Scott McCarl, Club Wow and other stops along the rock and roll trail...... Paul Sidoti was doing piano and guitar....plays in an Eagles tribute band, amongst other gigs...........both are longtime Cleveland guitar players.
  2. Whoever gets backstage first, be sure to ask Jennifer Lee if she got "Sugar" something nice for the latter's birthday on Saturday.........
  3. I'd say keep your eye on the weekly Parma Tavern ad.........
  4. Years ago, Fotomaker also opened the remodeled Cleveland Agora when it was at its E. 24th St. location....
  5. Vocals and sound were fine but it depends on where you were at the HOB Cleveland. Balcony sound was a little better than downstairs. Walking around during the show, the p.a. needs to be tweaked for downstairs. There are two dead spots downstairs where it doesn't sound as good.
  6. For those in the Cleveland area, Crain's Cleveland Business did a page on Eric in the September 27, 2004 issue that just came out. Pg. 28 FYI.
  7. You got your wires crossed: Magic did "Funeral For A Friend," not Circus.
  8. Phil is a minister now outside Cleveland in Bainbridge OH. Tommy Dobeck is still drumming with Michael Stanley among others. Dan Hrdlicka just wandered in to Around The Corner the other night in Lakewood, but he's not playing on a regular basis. He did play "Stop Wait & Listen" with a throw together line-up at Buddy Maver's summer bash this year. Frank is still doing photography, as far as I know. Mick - Fill in your blank on the bio....
  9. Hey Mick. Glad to hear you remember playing in the band (ha, ha)... All in Cleveland say hey.
  10. The band Magic became Eric's back-up band + Mike McBride. There were two drummers: McBride + Don Krueger. Steve Knill on bass. Dan Hrdlicka on guitar. Rich Reising and George Sipl on keyboards. One by one, they all wound up leaving.
  11. Wrongo. Rich Reising was never in Circus. Rich was in SRO before he was in Magic. Hrdlicka "left" for Magic when he got replaced by the Balzer Brothers, who came out of Ambleside. After Circus, the Balzer's started Pictures and 747 before they did American Noise. Tommy Dobeck had also taken off at that point for Michael Stanley and bassist Frank Salle was also leaving. There was one more version of Circus at the end with Phil Alexander and Mick Sabol still in it, joined by Norm Isaac (ex-Hot Shot) on bass, Frank Lauter on drums and Al Globekar (numerous Lake County bands) on lead guitar. Magic is spelled this way, not Majic.
  12. Dan Hrdlicka was playing in a duo for awhile with Becky Boyd, now with her own band. Later he joined Bruce & The Dovells and is now out of there. Rich is still doing his solo piano bar thing every once in awhile.
  13. You've got Circus confused with Magic. The two guitar players in Circus were Craig & Bruce Balzer. They were in the last version of Circus.
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