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  1. I just got back home too...EXCELLENT show we were standing a few people back from the stage infront of Dave. The sound was great and did not need earplugs. They did The Who's Can't Explain, and two Choir songs......also about 4 Beatles tunes. Can't wait for the cd and dvd to come out!
  2. Just look for Randy Bachman of The Guess Who. A few years ago at the Rock Hall I went up to get his autograph and he pointed at me and said "you look like a Bachman"....I wish I would have had my camera!
  3. Excellent - He played with Eric at the R&R HOF and plays various places in the area....we catch him at Scoreboards in La Grange where he plays by himself. Check his website which is linked from this site.
  4. I received my tickets about two weeks ago - I bought gen. add. from ticket master through the HOB the day the pre-sale started.
  5. If anyone is interested, the Capitol Records Raspberries promo remastered CD that I messaged about a few months back is now on EBAY #4035243325.....I decided to sell it.
  6. Thanks for the replies.....I have been on the site before but never on the message board. I go to most of the good shows at the Rock Hall being a charter member. ...even was one of the few lucky ones to get tickets to the James Gang reunion there. I've seen the Raspberries at the old Cyrus Erie West in North Ridgeville and also the Agora.......those were the days! By the way the best buffet is still at the Belagio followed by the Aladdin ,Paris and Green Valley Ranch. I am a Downtown Vegas fan A like the Main Street Station.
  7. I am new to this board so this may be old news........What ever happened to the Best of cd that was remastered and had 4 demo songs added? Last year at a flea market I found a promo copy that was in a plain white cardboard cd cover with a purple lable on front and the listing on the back including the bonus demos. I lucked out and bought it for $1. Will it ever be released.....I was at Eric's show at the R&R HOF a few years ago and I think it was brought up. Also has any thing from that night ever been available to buy?
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