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  1. Just heard WNCX is going to broadcast this live!
  2. Hi All! Anyone catch 105.7 this morning? Hank LoConti(owner of the AGORA) was on the radio talking about the A D show on New Years Eve. He said that there are many SUPRISES for those in attendance. One of them being an EXCLUSIVE gift from the Agora. None other than..each person in attendance WILL receive a CD of the NEVER before released on CD Artful Dodger album "Rave On". The ONLY way to get this is to be there. The Agora made only enough to give one to a customer. Pretty Cool ...huh?
  3. Pierogies, Gyros from the Flats, Yala's pizza (Lorain and Elyria actually) and the ultimate -- corned beef sandwich from Sliman's...!!!!
  4. 1st 45: Kentucky Rain -- Elvis 1st lp: Born to Run -- Bruce Springsteen 1st concert: Nazareth, Wet Willie and Pat Travers at Cleveland's Public Hall. 1st Raspberries concert...Cleveland 2005...PRICELESS...
  5. I recall seeing him on Letterman once....not solo...maybe part of Ringo's All-Star thing...
  6. oh...and from Akron...RACHEL SWEET!!! and Devo...
  7. Ditto on the above mentioned Cleveland bands PLUS... Jonah Koslen/Breathless American Noise Easy Street Alex Bevan Pat Dailey Artful Dodger (we adopted them from Virginia) Bruce Springsteen and SSJ (adopted from NJ) They were both HUGE in Cleveland before anywhere else...
  8. WOAH! What a great write! ERIC!!!
  9. Sorry, here's the link... http://www.stevensautoglaze.com/national/music/ Raspberries Refreshed...scroll down just a hair. Dan
  10. Found this while searching tonight...what is this? anybody know? Dan
  11. Any more info on tix, etc... for this show would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  12. I'll be there...are they selling tickets or what? Thanks for the info. Dan
  13. Many, many of the Cleveland Agora shows were videotaped as well as audiotaped by Agency Recording studios above the Agora. The tapes are in a vault in a Cleveland library and are owned by Agora owner Henry LoConti. The eventual release of these recordings to the public remain slim at best.
  14. FanTABulous show Friday night...I had goosebumps...
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