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  1. That guy needs to beam out without rematerialization.
  2. I don't even know who phish is, but someone who can't spell can't be very good.
  3. Wow! Thank you everyone. My goodness, I didn't expect so many replies (I didnt' expect any actually!). Well, Thailand is a beautiful country with lovely, polite people. The sky is what struck me the most about that country. Huge, puffy rolling clouds with the bluest sky I've ever seen. It was awe-inspiring but unfortunately I was unable to get any photographs of the sky because of being in a moving vehicle. I went there to meet with 2 woodworking companies and check out some samples they had made for me. I was very impressed with what I saw. This will open a new avenue for me. I'll get some nice pics when I return in a few months. Take care everyone and thank you!
  4. Busy in the extreme, too. I was in Thailand last week and went about my business as such a pace that I literally did not sleep from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon. It was worth it though. Its good to be back. Hello everyone!
  5. Animal names here seem to be based on the sounds they make. Cat is "mao" cow is "nieu" and some others which are pretty funny.
  6. Their whole gig was guitar harmonies, before it became popular.
  7. I met he and Brad Delp in 1977, on the second-to-last night of their first US tour. 4 years later I saw Sholtz again and he instantly recognized me and engaged me in an hour long technical discussion, where I got him to admit that stock Orange amps sound like his modified Marshalls. Years later though, Sholtz pissed off a lot of good people I know. Too bad. What is really weird is the fact that Sholtz is a mechanical engineer not an electrical engineer. He told me with his own mouth that he has "electrical guys" doing his designs for him. He comes up with the ideas and then has his EE team make it happen. He always gets credits for being an electrical genuis. But, he asks people like my friend Grady Moates to do design work for him http://www.loudandclean.com Go figure.
  8. nope. and with a dumb name like that i wouldn't walk across the street to see them for free.
  9. Been reviewing my past influences recently. Wishbone Ash was definately one of them. I had the pleasure of introducing my wife to them with "Blind Eye" the other day - she loves it. Anyone else like Wishbone Ash too?
  10. Ann, 2 weeks and a day, and the water came back. We cannot use it for cooking, even if we boil it though. Its clean looking but somewhat contaminated. I've been places in the world with worse water though so I'm not complaining Thanks.
  11. Thanks Darlene I've added a shop to my website because I've had several suggestions and offers to purchase my photographs. When I was in the US, all the pics on my walls at home were shots I'd taken in my travels.
  12. Jeff, you are not kidding there. Ah.... The simple things in life - like flushing the toilet. lol
  13. I've been corresponding with someone who is following the modification of weather by scalar wave generators. The theory is that they are trying to pound FL into martial law submission. 4 in a row - give me a break. My sources within the intelligence community say that the upcoming staged presidential elections will "require" martial law because of what happened last time (also, a very well staged setup for this time). if anyone would like to read some of the correspondance on this subject, email me.
  14. Do a search on "weather modification beams" and also "scalar weapons" and you will see that these trends have nothing whatsoever to do with pollution, use of fossil fuels, etc.
  15. I liked him when he was part of The Move, before he took a nutty with the face paint. I saw ELO in 1973 with Jeff Lynne, Bev and the gang. No one knew who they were and they opened for Foghat (believe it or not). No Roy Wood though. FWIW, I thought that Benny Hill did a very funny impression of Roy Wood. I played in a band that did "Cherry Blossom Clinic." Great tune.
  16. For that matter, I would love to see someone doing Captain Beyond (first album) type stuff again. Oh well....
  17. First topic I can say that I agree with every post so far. To me honestly, I get very little of American pop culture, and I can see why people around the world think that we are insane. I did however, get 2001....
  18. I had no idea that there were so many ways to describe crap. Someone, please call a "turd" by its rightful name. CP - Contempary Posers: Good looing boys who can't sing. But man, do they look good. AW - Alanis Wannabees: Females who are trying so hard to sound like Alanis SO - Sell Outs: "Artists" who you would ordinarly expect to be doing rock or pop try to sound "urban" to play it "safe." Shows are heavily populated with dancers, not players. GL - Generation Lost: this one is painfully obvious. I could keep going but I don't have the time.
  19. We just got our water back yesterday, 2 weeks to the day since it was cut off. How are all the Floridians holding up? Man, clobbered 2 times in a row!
  20. OK Lydia. Now you've put me off, telling me what I do, as if you have some first-hand personal knowledge. People like me are a threat to you, apparently. If everyone was indeed blind, then you couldn't throw down the Race Card when things just aren't going your way, huh? This stuff just makes me physically ill....
  21. Marvin, I gotta tell you.... it bores me, bad. Sorry dude.
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