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  1. Annie, reading these posts, I just want to say that I think it was a very nice thing for you to do for your fellow fans.
  2. "including more shows, TV appearances , and you're not gonna believe this but the boys have been asked to play in Japan.
  3. If you going to Japan you'd better bring an extra suitcase for all the money you will need! Its very expensive there! I did manage to find a couple cheap hotels though. Its a really fun place with very polite people. Super clean too. Great drinking water. The best food I've ever had. No wonder its expensive!
  4. He is huge in Taiwan too. Whenever I happen to be listening to FM radio here, I hear one of his tunes. EC is a daily play in Taiwan.
  5. Did Dave stop playing? My fingers work better now, 38 years later with no problems. Man, that has gotta suck.
  6. Kirk, everybody knows that in the 70's the razor blades were used for cutting the coke, not the tape. I just found out that Dan Hartman is dead. I gotta get out more.
  7. Marvin, I know you will want to read this story. http://www.loudandclean.com/Bermuda.html Take note of the first 2 songs played on the new station. When Grady came to Taiwan just after finishing this project he told me that if I had been available I could have helped him with this one. I have been included on 13 radio station buildouts with Grady in the past. Too bad I missed this one.
  8. If the guitar is going to be a chick magnet doesn't it have to be electric?
  9. Yeah, just ignore me and pour another whiskey for me please Barb.
  10. No, they just used a razor blade and copious amounts of splicing tape - hence the name.
  11. If ever there was a case for a net broadcast, this would be it. My friend Grady suggested a net broadcast to Todd once and he agreed. Todd said that Grady pulled off the best internet broadcast he'd ever seen (and Todd is no technical slouch either). Grady could do this one too....
  12. Hey Marlene, welcome back, and glad to hear you can fly again
  13. Better to ask that of Steely Dan, wouldn't you say Gord?
  14. In other words Marvin, people forget all reason and act like total idiots in preparation for the pagan Roman feast of the Saturnalia.
  15. Yes Ted, never a dull moment over here. Now I have some new problems, but in reality they are old solve problems which have come back. As for photos, just the ones in the new online shop I think. I'm going to write a new article on BBQ techniques (and the difference between barbequing and grilling). That's about it (besides the earthquake report). Take care, Ted.
  16. Hahaha.... its fine Marvin. More than anything its just boring, that's all. In all likihood I wouldn't be going if I was in the US anyway. So, enjoy to your hearts content - that's what its there for.
  17. Jennifer, Taiwan is right in the middle of the typhoon belt. What has been happening to Florida is not natural by any means. It is an engineered path to Martial Law which I believe will be in place for the staged theatrical event known as the Presidential Election. This staged event will include the "capture" of Bin Laden, which will pretty much sway most of the ignorant masses towards the Bush camp. Before you go shouting "conspiracy theory" you might want to do a seach on "weather modification beams" and see what you find.
  18. Yes, Ted. Nothing interrupted except my heartrate. Building surfing is not my idea of fun.
  19. It was about 124 km off the east coast, thankfully. Still, the whole building shook for the longest time. Our local intensity was 4.0 but I swear that is wrong. It felt like 5+ and was damn scary. Got some new racing stripes on the walls (cracks). I put up a report on my website about it. We are OK! www.asiancastings.com/20041015ER.pdf Its a big file, so let it load while you do something else.
  20. Hey Marvin, remember how you felt when everyone was getting their books? I'll see you after this is all over. lol
  21. Maybe its because the word most often used to describe DT by those who know him is "d*ck." He came from the LA punk scene, and changed to country music strictly for the cash flow. You'll sometimes see guys with leather bracelets and such in the background of his videos - reminders of his roots.
  22. If they live in Japan, they probably own the plane.
  23. Iron Chef USA indeed! The unmitigated gall....
  24. Nobody talk about my wife's age ever again! lol
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