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  1. I'm available as a guide/translator when they make it to Taiwan. We love Eric Carmen here
  2. i quit listening to female singers after Judy Garland. if this Avril is worth anything, she'll be singing in movies. i'm going to wait and see. Alanis makes me sick.
  3. i used to love the big chef salads. can't get them over here though. hmmmm i should go shopping this weekend and make one. sounds like a good idea.
  4. Amy, tell me about your food column please!
  5. hmmm should i tell everyone that the replacement for Ace came down between Vinnie and someone from the EC board you know well?
  6. Tony, please don't go down that road to totalitarian control! remember, criminals don't have gun licenses or have to pass criminal background checks. i like how the state of VT handles gun crimes. there are no laws (beyond Federal) regulating purchase/sales, no background checks, no concealed permit licenses, no nothing - except: if you are convicted of any gun crime, its an automatic 10 years in the slammer. as you can guess, gun crime in VT is very low compared to Draconian MA nearby. if it were up to me i'd make it 20 years, btw, with no permits or licenses.
  7. feels good, doesn't it? i saved 2 people's lives once. recently though (on an island off the coast of Borneo, Malaysia), i failed to notice that someone wasn't swimming; they were floating and had drowned while snorkling. that took awhile for me to get over, because i could have saved that one too, i'm sure. remember the ones you can save. you did a Good Thing Julia
  8. Jennifer, its what I do, and I'm well paid for it. <elvis voice> thank ya, thank ya very mush
  9. My advise is to take her target shooting on the first date. You know what they say about first impressions.
  10. Oh, how you underestimate the power of money.
  11. how many people have met others with the same name as their own? once, i was introduced to some new people, only to say that i wasn't the Michael Klein that they knew. another time, i had a conversation with a couple who kept calling me by another name, and talking about places and people of which i had no knowledge. they insisted that i was a person they knew, and refused to believe me until my wife came and got me.
  12. McCarthy was right of course. Even the Russians will admit that now. What most fail to realize is that China and the US will be the military police force of the coming New World Order, working together to control the population of the world. I'm one of the few on the board who has actually been to a Communist country. I've been told that I couldn't go outside and walk around. I've been told when to eat and where to go. This is what you have to look forward to. People forget, and history just keeps repeating as a result. Oh well, can't say I didn't warn you.
  13. been playing it for years. its a nice game.
  14. Marvin, remember Bobby Pin?
  15. James, when I was a kid, if I got whacks at school, i didn't dare tell my father because i would have recevied double that from him. nowadays, no one can touch these perfect little angels. this is why they don't learn that there are bad consequences for bad actions. only in the US man.
  16. Thanks Jeff and Darlene. all is well - just busy getting things done and its taking way too much of my time. i'm working on some new products and also traveling alot. it looks like i'm going back to China for a few weeks in the near future. thanks for thinking of me. take care!
  17. Tony, very sorry to hear the news. btw, i also have the same wife as you. its all about money.
  18. Whereabouts in NH? The last place I lived in was Derry.
  19. Annie, you'd better check my tagline first! I won't be attending the show, so I think they should be reserved for those who are . Thank you for the offer!
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