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  1. Does anyone recogize the name Donna Halper?
  2. for me, one of the most interesting things was that i was able to have a local shop build me a wood smoker - something that i have missed having very much. Thailand also has the wood resources to enable me to cook with it. Taiwan no longer has fuel wood sources. the smoker currently resides at my friend's (Ben) resort. maybe a "Weekend At Ben's" would be in order? hehe
  3. Marlene, do you also collect teapots? in our small town there is an old tea shop. the owner is a wealth of information on traditional tea making! don't be jealous - just come over! once you get to Asia you will be amazed at how close everything is (and how inexpensive!). Japan, Hong Kong, Phils, Borneo, Thailand, etc. are all only a few hours away!
  4. I originally met Hui-Chen because she was interested in posing for me. I have a collection of incredible photos of her. she really is unbelievable. i'm a lucky man.
  5. wow.... its been that long since I was on the board? !!! lol good thing i found out before i drove up from NH, eh? thanks Marvin
  6. its amazing how a blog can make being an overweight 50 y/o grey haired ex-pro recording artist seem almost glamorous! lol thanks Bernie and take care man.
  7. i was in lots of places! thanks Kazumi, take care.
  8. things have been very hectic for me because i had have to go back to zero and start over from the beginning. my commerical website also has a blog that will give you some indication of what i've been doing with regard to working in those countries. about the only thing that happens to me is i get jacked up for money by Thai police occasionally, but i don't give them anything. i did get into a motorcycle accident in Thailand last month but i was not injured badly. remember you can always send me an email because i do keep current with email. i am also on nearly all of the IM applications in use. thanks and take care Darlene
  9. i blogged everything that did not involve nudity Tony. but 2005 did see quite a few model photo sessions. if my Nikon could talk, it would have its own talk show . i didn't have to kill anyone, but several times i really wanted to! My Blog lots of photos there, and some videos, but no nekkid wimmens!
  10. either that or i'll have to head up to Montreal. its been almost 10 years since i was there!
  11. my Taiwanese girlfriend is rich. when we were in Thailand, all the men asked me where she was from (because she didn't speak Thai and her English is excellent). after I told them, the reply would be along the lines of "oh, that's a different class of woman." that's putting it mildly. don't get the wrong impression. i love Thailand and i am making money doing business there. Thai workers are excellent and there are many positive aspects to being there. I've spent several months there in 2005 and I will probably be there for at least 4 to 5 months in 2006. i just know the score and its all about what people can get off of you. i will never trust any woman from that region of the world. never.
  12. i would have said "i'm not looking for a daughter though." those places are full of old white farts making total fools of themselves with very young girls - and are totally cluess to the fact that the women are on the make for a "farang upgrade" at a moment's notice! i have received emails from Thai friends who want to fix me up with a woman who specifically wants a "foreigner" and the preference is American. i wrote back "tell her to get in line because i have a lot of choices - basically the entire country." no thanks! when asked where i am from in such places, i put on my best Russian accent and reply that I am Russian. converstation over! they only want dollars or UK pounds. Russian money is worthless, and so are Russian prospects. me no want Thai gurl fen.
  13. thank you Ted caught up to me online in Thailand and that prompted me to come back after i returned to Taiwan.
  14. you are such a good person Jennifer. thank you
  15. anyway - i've spent more time on aircraft than on the computer it seems like. China, Hong Kong, Thailand (5 times) Laos (2 times), and of course all over Taiwan. cancelled Singapore and Japan - too busy. 2005 sucked for me. 2006 is already better. i'll be going back to the States this summer for a couple of weeks. maybe i'll have a chance to meet some of you, finally. i should be in NH, MA, TX, FL, and NC at least. i updated some old threads with new posts - hope you don't mind. oh yeah, i still want a date with Carmen Smalley.
  16. UPDATE: i have have been very busy lately but its finally paying off for me though. 2005 was a very difficult year. my wife left me (because i'm not rich enough apparently) and i moved on my own in January. however, this January things are quite different (way better). 2006 opened up with a new series of orders from new Customers. i began a blog in 2005 and i talk a lot about the different countries i've traveled to. lots of photos and videos too. blog
  17. We get our share of typhoons, but this disaster was too far away. i have been in Thailand quite a bit however, and many of the southern areas are gone now. except for the occasional donation stand, no one talks about it anymore. its amazing how quickly people forget....
  18. I have been in Thailand, doing a bunch of stuff there. just been busy.... The NH Bushman in Taiwan & The World
  19. "You Better Run" flipside of "What You Know About Love"
  20. its nothing more than a thinly veiled conditioning of young people to develop an interest in the occult and to accept it.
  21. i was a guitar player with long hair. now i'm an old guitar player. still have long hair.
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