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  1. imagine, if you will, a world where pop music lives on.... where the revitalization of pop after disco lived on, skipping rap, hip hop, grunge, alternative and all other such experiments, developing into a fully mature form. imagine listening to pop music that has all of the trappings of modern recording styles, doesn't sound dated, and yet created by people who can actually sing, and featuring song writing that shows an understanding of the science of Hit Records.... i live in this world. its called "Asia." in Asia, you can find a wide range of pop music, from the well-known J-pop (Japanese pop) to lesser known but equally satisfying Thai, Taiwanese and regional sub-categories such as Isan (northeastern Thai). i would like to give a good example of this fantastic music: Endorphine this is a Thai band called Endorphine. they have a tiny singer named Da who delivers such a dynamic performance that it doesn't much matter whether or not you can understand the language. be sure to activate the link "Click to Play" on the left sidebar to hear the song "Nam Dtem Kaew" (a popup will open with player controls). feel free to browse the site and check out other songs by Endorphine and others. Famous Thai bands include Clash and Fahrenheit. if one were interested in Taiwan pop, a good place to begin your quest would be to research "F.I.R." in the local Thai restaurant in my neighborhood, the karaoke machine is full of Thai, Vietnamese and Taiwanese pop music. its never boring and always makes me feel great listening to it. all day long and well into the night you can hear the sounds of happy people singing to these songs. be sure and let me know what you think about our World of Pop.
  2. i met Brad and Tom in 1977. Brad was one of the nicest people who ever lived. it just so happened that he was also one of the world's top 5% of singers who ever lived.
  3. after living in Asia, i am convinced that anything that can be eaten between 2 slices of bread is acceptable.
  4. I'm going to cross off another one on my list in a few months: India. Still left on the list: Iceland Ascension Island Pitcairn Island Pratas Island (flown over it dozens of time, but never landed) Any station in Antarctica Seychelles Oh well....
  5. if you combine Carmen Smalley and Tony C, don't you get Dwight Twilley?
  6. oh, thanks Ann. i will try to behave! take care.
  7. Tony, i already did, but you won't ever hear it. its suffering from problems caused by a reckless producer.
  8. and won't fit in the hole made for a tape....
  9. Al Lewis played Grandpa Munster on the TV series "The Munsters", he appeared in the TV series "Car 54, Where Are You?" Note: There is some substantial amount of debate as to the true year of birth for Al Lewis. Some sources say 1910, some say 1923. According to an interview with his family members, the 1910 date is a "story" and the real date is 1923, which is apparently backed up by official paperwork (hat tip to the site "Who's Alive and Who's Dead"). He was 82, not 95 as most websites state.
  10. i saw the title of a magazine a few years back: "50, the New 30?" yeap.
  11. Hey Mike,Why do I have a feeling that I and probably most of this board would prefer the songs on this list to your five favorite CDs? Can you humor me and make a list of your five favorite albums of all time? [/QB]
  12. oh, its that time again? sure glad i'm on the other side of the world!
  13. white people acting like they belong to another race.
  14. i'm surprised that Kong isn't gay in this remake.
  15. that is a great tune. we played it one time in the studio on the Kurzweil 2000 just for fun. pretty cool.
  16. _silence_ makes me smile. i'm sick of hearing music all the damn time, everywhere i go. especially all the wigger crap that is popular now.
  17. i guess not. she is the person who "discovered" them and brought them to Mercury Records (if memory serves - its been years now).
  18. I really liked "Cold Hard Cash" back in The Day.
  19. a former boss of mine used to come to work, glowing about "The Sopranos." invariably he would ask me if i had seen said episode and then would go on about how great it was. i told him that i don't associate with such people at portrayed in the show, and i wouldn't invite them into my home in person, nor on the TV. he thought about that all day long, making several comments. he decided that the show was not appropriate for his family and he discontinued watching it after that. you know, if people would stop watching that shit, they would stop making it. thank goodness that i see NO US television where i live.
  20. on my last KLM flight to Thailand, the in-flight movie was "The Wedding Crashers" - totally unedited. proflic use of the F-word and numerous pairs of nekkid breasts didn't faze the Dutch one bit.
  21. hahahah man, the Dukes must have been a riot! Japanese is a much more polite language than Redneck! lol
  22. because she was Taiwanese, and not SE Asian, yes i did.
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