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  1. thanks for the tip Rich. i will have to see if i can locate it.
  2. I bought the VCD from the local 7-11 the other day. i'd seen the ads for the movie on TV but i never got around to seeing it at the theaters. i had no idea that the movie featured Nikola Tesla, nor that non other than David Bowie would play Tesla! Tesla has been one of my personal heros (i've read his collected works) and i also am a big fan of Bowie. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are excellent, as well as the amazing Michael Caine. anyone else like to comment on this movie?
  3. funny you say that Tony, because i wouldn't bother to listen to any band with a stupid name. there are lots of bands with really stupid names too.
  4. truth be told, i never go hunting for new bands or music. i've had enough music from working in the studio for 25+ years i suppose. if i want to hear something i just play it myself usually. my exposure to new stuff is incidental, typically karaoke heard wherever i happen to be.
  5. hiya Darlene short story: i ditched the bad wife. i have a new one (its been 2 years, just seems like a short time). i don't know about the DVD, but i'm on the other side of the world anyway, so, that is normal. how is everything with you? take care.
  6. and i thought that everyone was entitled to an opinion. seems like people are looking for trouble anywhere they can.
  7. how soon everyone forgot the "hymie" comment by the so-called "reverend" Jackson.
  8. hi Marvin. i've been hiding in quite a few places actually (blogged on them). now that i got rid of my bad wife i'm back to enjoying life again. how are you doing? take care.
  9. and cheese has no carbs. i introduced Hui-chen to Vermont White Cheddar. you should have seen her face!
  10. i guess what i'm saying is, i don't really care what Imus or anyone else does. if enough people don't care, he'll be off the air at that point.
  11. i went to vote and then realized that i haven't heard more than 1 or 2 songs by nearly anyone on that list. if Queen were on the list i would have voted though. i also would have voted if The Who was on the list. oh well.
  12. one night, an American friend and i were eating and drinking in an establishment primarily for Filipinos, because the food is so good. one of the Filipino workers that frequented the place and was sitting at the next table decided to get a little rowdy with his "foreign" neighbors (us; it wouldn't occur to him that he is a foreigner here too). the boss man picked up a small stool and chased him down the street, hitting him a few times with it. the police were called and he was deported in 48 hours, never to return to Taiwan again - ever, for any reason whatsoever. we didn't have to lift a finger or say a single word.
  13. nice to meet you too Muzza. that combo doesn't work for me these days though! lol
  14. bad things happened to me Jeff. but now, good things are happening, so its OK. to be honest, i can't stand anything by that person you mentioned. take care Jeff.
  15. i have a good friend David Dachinger, who was recording an album in Japan for a Sony/Japan artist some years ago. Dave was getting a level on the artist's voice, in preparation for recording the vocals. the Japanese artist (i don't know his name) began singing "All By Myself" just to give Dave some kind of signal from the microphone for setting up. Dave and i have always loved EC's music, and back in the old days i would usually sing some EC tune for Dave when he was getting levels on me too. So naturally Dave asked on the talkback (intercom) system: "Do you like Eric Carmen?" "Who's that?" apparently the artist was a 20-something and only knew the (puke) other version by a Canadian female. <sigh> DD Music
  16. in Asia, we read about the misuse of Chinese words in Western culture on Hanzi Smatter. i've yet to see any misuse of English sink to this level of ignorance!
  17. is it too late to join the party? my party hat
  18. i've never heard of any of those names. when i left the US, radio wasn't listenable for me. the joke is, the local English radio station is playing outdated junk from the US while ignoring the local fare. amazing.
  19. when i was a kid in elementary school, i used to make onion slice sandwiches with mustard. i think that 1/2 the reason that i ate them we because it grossed out my sister!
  20. thanks Jennifer nice to see you too. take care.
  21. cuteness indeed! women here dress and act like juveniles way into their 30's. mostly this manifests itself in a tendency to whine about things, where an adult would communicate in a more mature manner. Taiwanese TV features ads where a young female will nearly cry over something such as uncomfortable contact lenses; fat lip sticking out, whiny voice - all signs of immaturity and as such, youth. none of this has anything to do with music, of course, but some of the bands do that whining thing on TV shows too, lol. i wonder if i can get that new EC release here in Taiwan.... hmmmmmm take care Kathy.
  22. hahah, yeah, those eyes were errie looking as i was walking past them! lol thanks Marlene, hopefully i can arrange to hang out here more often. Hui-chen and i are getting married at the end of this month (i didn't tell anyone, but my former wife left me almost 3 years ago). things are looking good again. there is a shot of us on our main blog, and you can take a look at the photo link, if you like. take care. MJ and Hui-chen Wedding Photo
  23. what does it actually say about Keith Richards when he is more famous for his ability to amaze people by remaining alive rather than by playing guitar?
  24. thank you Laura! we've been very busy and in so many countries that i had to have pages added to my passport - it was totally full of stamps! glad to say we are settling down in Taiwan for awhile. Hui-chen and i started a new blog, all about food! i'd better mention it here and not in the thread about losing weight! Bushman\'s Asian Food Blog! take care!
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