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  1. That would depend entirely upon where you live Tony. My stuff got tons of airplay in the central midwest, and Hawaii.
  2. The correct answer to that question is "no." If only I had time to tell you the whole story, and its interrelated parts, lol. The performing arts societies have ways of losing your data. I never understood how my record promoters could give me weekly updates on spins/week by radio station, but BMI couldn't tell me if a tune was even getting airplay. The technology existed, but the desire to pay out the money did not. They use their own method to collect the data and its neither scientific nor accurate. Oh sorry, I answered 2 questions. The second question is "Why did Michael quit the business?" Maybe I should start a storytelling thread?
  3. I love Dave Mason's "We Just Disagree" lol Bryan's music already has. Here in Asia, there are techo versions of his stuff such as "Heaven" going around. Bryan's music is absolutely pop radio fare - no doubt about it, but then again, that is how people find out about new music, so radio tunes are good. Remember, he was only 18 years old when "Cuts Like A Knife" hit the air in North America. Anyway, I'm not aware of any lasting "impact" of BS' tunes, but then again I surely am not looking for it. More likely its the impact of the recorded sounds - such as the AMS sampled snare on "Born in the USA" and recorded in the Power Station, that people remember. All the recording engineers I knew were were talking more about the snare sound than the tune (rightfully so). I appreciate the offer Marvin, but I will pass. I heard BS all through the mid 70's up until I left the US. Thankfully, he's totally off the radar now as the people here don't like him. I didn't like his released stuff, so I'm sure I won't like the stuff that never made it to the press.
  4. The get-together should be in Taiwan, where EC's music is on the radio daily and its still 1985. <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />
  5. Kirk, things are cool man - no worries at all. One thing I have found is this - nearly everyday someone points out something that I never noticed before. The day that I stop listening and considering these things is the day that I stop learning. As I said before, I have quantifiable reasons for saying/thinking what I do, but, these reasons are under constant modification. As we used to say "you're only as good as your last record" and hopefully they keep getting better and better.
  6. Lots of interesting comments have been posted while I was traveling. First of all, I would like to say that everyone on this board is polite and I appreciate the lack of personal attacks because of someone's opinion. Its refreshing. Secondly I would like to say that the difference between the technical singing proficiency of BS compared to say, Dennis DeYoung should be abundandly clear based upon the number of notes in the melody alone! What it comes down to is this - I simply cannot listen to music which is sung by someone with little/no technique (yelling is _not_ a technique). I do not care one bit how *amazing* the performance is otherwise, because I can't get past that fact that someone else who can sing should have done the recording! This is also why I cannot stand Andreas Bocchelli, but I can listen to Placido Domingo all day. My favorite singer bar none, is Mario Lanza. Byran Adams isn't much of a technical singer, but he's better than BS, plus he is a much better writer too IMHO. Isn't someone going to defend him? lol Like most "rules" in life, there is an exception for me. Call me inconsistient if you wish, but there is one person no earth who cannot sing for sh*t; nevertheless everything he does is Golden to me, and that is Mr. Joe Cocker.
  7. It doesn't matter Kirk. We're all free to have our opinions and freely express them. The only thing I won't do is argue. I have quanifiable reasons for saying/thinking what I do and its not a matter of debate, really. That being said, I'm interested to know what others think too. I don't honestly think that Marvin or anyone else would care enough about what I think to get upset (I would hope not).
  8. Among my peer group, we call BS music "parade rock." Opinion is - utterly boring <yawn>. Reading the other posts, its not about "passion" "sincerity" or jumping around a lot on stage (lmao) its about "hey, can you write strong songs and actually sing and play well?" I'm sure that BS "sincerely" wishes he could play and sing as well as his stautre would presume, but.... so far, I would say that the answer is mediocre, and I certainly would never in my right mind refer to him as a "singer". One of the earliest BS memories I have is a televised concert, where for several minutes he simply grabbed the neck of his guitar, and swung it back and forth over and over, while the crowd screamed. I couldn't help thinking that was a better use of the guitar than having to hear him try and actually play it. Looked like a kid in front of his momma's bedroom mirror. BS went off my radar screen decades ago after he failed to show me why I should listen to him when there are artists such as Queen, David Bowie, Bad Company, Eric Carmen, etc. etc. Also, I think that people are too swayed by emotion when they see someone play live. To me, some of the best shows I've ever seen were people like Edgar Winter who basically stands there (because he doesn't see well) and sings and plays better far than practically the rest of the world - and he does it night after night, like a machine. The last live show I saw was Styx - I figured after that, I'de seen everyone I wanted to see (possible) and there wasn't any point in going to any more concerts. lol You know, if people would just quit buying these records then artists like the "boss" would go away and make room for people who can get the job done. But as I've said many times before, talent and success are unrelated. If people aren't given alternatives, they just end up buying anything and then call it good to justify it.
  9. I haven't found any music in a long long time, so I can't listen to anything. One of the advantages of having been playing guitar for more than 35 years is, you can just play whatever you want, and it sounds better than the original when its coming out of your own amp.
  10. Another positive aspect of not living in the US - no idiotic American TV! I should do my own "Survivor" show - I'll drop you off in the middle of our Central Mountain Range, and see how long you can keep from getting snake bit. lol I honestly don't see how people can waste their time watching that crap. OTOH, I also don't get NASCAR, WWF football, baseball, etc.
  11. The woman on PLAINJANE's website, Cindy Jane Dailey, can sing better with her head held under the bathtub water than any female singer signed today (that I have heard, anyway). There are people in all walks of life who are amazingly talented and yet, cannot get a gig. What is bad has become good: Incompetents are the single most-employable class of people, because every one of them as a job - they are everywhere! People are afraid to critize "art": When an Incompetent happens to be a signed recording artist, everyone pretends that they are good. No one will come forward and say that they suck. The truth is, the better one is, the less likely they are to be successful. No likes being made to look bad by comparison. I am not joking.
  12. Nothing wrong with turning a profit, and indeed you cannot run a business without it. But, it went from being a record company to being something else which had little/nothing to do with music, that's for sure. I got more enjoyment out of doing my own records on my own label with my own publishing company. Darlene, I would love to try your famous, inspiring uplifting and life-giving lemonaide.
  13. Hey, didn't I see you in that little office over at Atlantic the other day? I have a business here and a Taiwanese wife. Feel free to check out my website. Looks like plainjane.net has a message board too now.
  14. Actually Tony, I haven't noticed it because I don't listen to music or watch music on television - but I believe it. In fact, I would expect nothing less. I used to have 2 female singers in my live show. Honestly, they were gorgeous women, but I couldn't have cared any less. I needed them to _sing_ not look good. Someone outside of my organization suggested that I "sex them up a bit" for my live show - I tore this person's head off. They gave me the usual "sex sells" BS - to which I replied (in a less than polite tone I might add) "but I'm not selling SEX, I'm selling RECORDS!" Another reason to not buy any more records from dumb record companies.
  15. I neglected to metion that here in Taiwan I have a financial backer who has agreed to finance a new album. He is also intrested in perhaps starting a small record label to produce small quantites of quality music. Here in Taiwan, the music industry is basically frozen in time. Eric Carmen tunes are on FM stations daily, as if they were new. You can say "Eric Carmen" to most Taiwanese and they know who he is. The people who don't know his name know the music though. All you have to do is sing "all by myself" and they light up! Most of the new songs are Japanese pop, which is very good. The music industry here seems to have developed as the industry *should* have in the USA, but did not. Its like 1985 here, but the technology and level of proficiency have continued to mature, so its like 21st Century 1985 pop records. The recording artistS here can *actually* sing and have stuff like... omigosh - technique! Also there are some stunning combinations of modern sounds with traditional Chinese instruments which must be heard to be believed! Readers of this message may contact me directly for some mp3 files from Taiwan. The only thing which remains to be seen is whether or not I decide to do another record after all this time.
  16. The problem is, those people usually aren't backed by anything, so they don't have the resources to make product. What about the ones who aren't available through the internet though? Like I always say - talent and success are unrelated. You can practice your craft, work hard all your life, say yes to anything resonable, dot the i's and cross the t's, and still end up 50 years old, with nothing to show for it except being able to play and sing better than any of your friends. Plus a few really cool vintage guitars
  17. The reason that this has happened is because there are no more "record men" in the industry. Back in the day, there was one guy (or woman of course) in the office with the Golden Ears. This person could tell you with a single listen if a tune was a hit or not. As record men retired, they were replaced with attorneys. While useful, they are not qualified to make judgement calls. The labels where I personally (used) to know people instill a climate of fear, where people are afraid to do their jobs - which is to find quality artists and promote them. The focus is now on making money and people are deathly afraid to stray from some perceived forumla. This is why you frequently find white people trying to sound and act (what they think is) black. They are "playing it safe" because its perceived that this is a cool mode of operation (Britney) and will gain wide appeal. While this "ear candy" might tend to sell records to kids, it will spawn very few "greatest hits" albums to say the least! People nowadays have been beaten over the head to the point where they are afraid to even suggest that a person's way of life or habits might be considered bad. This has of course affected the recording industry. It seems as if no one has the guts to tell Moby that he can't f*cking play OR sing. The "anybody can play punk" didn't help things either. What a moronic concept. The day that I quit the industry was when a top label boss told my manager that the best thing for my career would be for me to become addicted to heroin (and I am NOT joking). At that exact moment I decided that I no longer wanted to associate with these people.
  18. I hear you Tony. That song is a b*tch to sing - ask anyone who has ever tried it. The best thing about the PJ version is the guitar sound - that is world class.
  19. Kirk, its that last 5% of perfection which seperates the pros from the chumps. Too bad its not 100%. I hear that the next tune in the lineup is better, although I haven't had a copy of the mix forwarded to me yet.
  20. Poor4Life said: "It's sad, the state of the music industry." All I can say is, I'm sure glad that you said all this and not me. Man, I used to get into so much trouble over the state of affairs at the national level. I'm actually sorry that I was right. Seems like several labels back in the US have closed up house. Good, then I wont' have to be forced to listen to some idiot venting his anger with pointless songs which didn't need to be recorded. I remember when we made records the old fashioned way, by playing and singing on them. I remember when we had writers and producers. One of my publisher friends keeps asking where he is going to find writers like Jimmy Webb these days. I tell him that when Eric is gone its over (he agrees).
  21. Post it? Dunno what you mean. Besides, there wouldn't really be any point I think.
  22. Sorry to say this Darlene, but you just sugar-coated it. lol Its worse than that. You've probably never been in a recording studio, working on a serious album when some idiot walks in off the street, claiming he needs to do a demo for a record company. It happened to me, and this guy was chosen for his looks. The next thing they wanted to know was, could he sing? I told the guy that I only make records - sorry, go to another studio.
  23. Tell what you really think, just like school, with a Pass/Fail grade!
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