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  1. <picking jaw back up and closing gaping mouth> Darlene, that is perhaps the nicest thing that anyone has ever said about me. thank you very much. i don't post stuff to be sensational though. this is just how my life really is. some say that i am "lucky" but it does seem that i am often in the right place at the right time (or wrong, depending upon your viewpoint). what makes this story particularly meaningful for me is that i had been trying to photograph the jets all week and they were always too fast. you look in one corner of the sky where you hear the sound and its already too late and they are gone because they leave the sound behind them. on Friday, i was determined to catch them in the act. i kept an eye on the time (because they do runs in shifts), and had my D80 and 300mm zoom lens upstairs already, so i could just run to the top floor and grab it. i got, oh, perhaps 80 or so photos of all kinds of jets going very fast, dropping flares and shooting guns. i heard a noise to my left and found a jet very close to me. i shot 23 frames of continous photographs that show what happened in the last few seconds.... one of my professional friends who works for the Taiwan government did an analysis of 4 photos i gave him. 5371 was less than 700 meters in that first photo, and came nearly as close as 500 meters to me as it passed by. i will ask the tv station for a copy of my interview so i can post it on Youtube. thanks again for those kind words Darlene. i am always very impressed with you too, you know.
  2. you didn't read the article either, apparently.
  3. it *should* be finished by the end of this week. the military has released it's report and i'm free to do whatever i want. i've also written a few followup posts that are worth reading. the pilots made it inside the base wall by 5 meters. we drive by the wall almost every day. last night, i wept openly as i thought about the report that was released, and remembered what i saw. i was looking at the jet thorough a DSLR with a 300mm lens. i saw the whole thing. i feel very sad about the accident.
  4. last night, the Taiwan Air Force released 14 of the series of photos, crediting a "foreign engineer from Hsinchu" with providing the photos that proved their conclusion: pilot error. their report did say that they were heroes, and i am proud to say that some thing i influenced the report because i specifically mention that point several times. its been a media circus here. my blog got 11,000 page views since Sunday. i released photo #1 and it got 500 views on flickr.com within 2 hours. i have an meeting scheduled with TVBS, one of the top TV news stations in Taiwan, on Friday afternoon. please read the subsequent posts if you have the time and the interest.
  5. i left the US. i won't live there again. even so, people want to kick my ass overseas just for holding a US passport.
  6. how can that be when Letterman existed before Leno was even known?
  7. Be My Love - Mario Lanza IMO, the best singer who ever lived.
  8. that is a true statement: I never know how my life is going to go from one minute to the next. one minute i was taking photos as a hobbyist, and the next minute my actions were a matter of national concern. whoot! yes, i have a written statement prepared for the press.
  9. all of the photos on my blog are mine, unless of course i am in them (such as our wedding photos). then its usually my wife Hui-chen, or someone like my friend Michael Turton (the most famous blogger on Taiwan). The View From Taiwan - Michael Turton\'s Blog
  10. on Friday, i immediately contacted the Air Force thru a good friend. they sent a junior officer over to our home to pick up a CD that i burned for them. on Sunday the officers and engineers came over to interview me and to gather information. they actually included me in the investigation and said that i am free to write about it after the investigation is concluded, which should be later this week. my blog went from 8,000 hits last week to over 20,500 today.
  11. yeah i was wondering about that too! she said she lives out in the country - could be mountain lion cubs.... 1-1/2 hours? my wife would beat me for anything over a minute!
  12. you just don't have any idea what is going to happen that day. all i was doing was shooting some photos of military exercises going on in my neighborhood. 5371 Update if one were to say, enter "5371 crash" in a popular search engine, one would find my blog on the top half of the first page. the local media is clueless as of this moment, but i think not for long. i expect them to be all over my house sometime later this week.
  13. i am genuinely flattered to hear these nice comments. i had forgotten about those tunes.... i welcome anyone to email me for an mp3 copy of any of my old tune catalog. speaking of which, my jaw hit the floor the other day. turns out, my old catalog of songs is going to be republished and released with a compilation of older classic rock material. geesh, i might have to go on tour again. one never knows what is going to happen (be sure to see my next post for confirmation of that!). thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and warm expressions. its appreciated very much.
  14. i am busted now, Kirk! haha David Dachinger used to joke about the "Eric Carmen Filter" he was going to use in the mic path on recordings that he engineered for me. i wish i could do an Eric Carmen impression _for_ Eric someday! lol i've done a few impressions for the person being impersonated and they love them as much as we do! lol take care Kirk and thanks. (email me for some mp3s if you like).
  15. haha, thanks Kathy! at least i got a chance to pick my own tune! it could have been KC & the Sunshine Band! haha take care.
  16. you know what? i really did have a great time at my wedding and reception. the local customs were very interesting and fun for me. the setup was cool actually because her mother and father don't have any knowledge of my musical background. the look on her mother's face really was priceless. i gave her family much "face" by singing that song.... nice to hear from you aggie, take care.
  17. thanks Annie, nice to hear from you. take care.
  18. thank you Marlene the video is making the rounds with the family and friends, but the shooter has yet to view it, lol. i sure would like to be there to see the look on his face! haha! take care.
  19. just after "I Don't Like to Sleep Alone" are the following gems, known for their lyrical content based solely upon rhyming words: Skyhigh by Jigsaw: I Gave You Love I Thought That We Had Made It To The Top I Gave You All I Had To Give Why Did It Have To Stop You've Blown It All Sky High By Telling Me a Lie Without a Reason Why You've Blown It All Sky High (you get the idea - there is more but what's the point?) truth is, i like this song anyway. Dance, Dance, Dance by Chic: Ooh what a treat Feels so sweet That body heat When I'm dancing with my baby Drives me crazy Makes me hazy yeah, dancing makes me "hazy" too (whatever that mean?) this song has caused incalculable car radio damage from frustrated drivers punching the radio until either the radio tunes to another station, or it just quits operating altogether. "that song on the juke' makes me puke" - thenhbushman
  20. "my mouth on yours, and yours on mine" wtf? that's from "I Don't Like to Sleep Alone" a song that i normally trash in the local Thai karaoke place. i sing it 1/2 in Chinese and 1/2 English. sometimes i say "I don't like to eat alone" because its a Taiwanese thing. i actually do like the melody and the structure of the song itself. but those lyrics are just asking to be slaughtered!
  21. i think the test pattern is better than both of them combined.
  22. they are criminals, every last one of them. i can't live in the US anymore.
  23. Start Here My friend Michael Turton set me up at my wedding, by telling everyone how great I can sing. Naturally, the MC asked everyone if they wanted to hear me sing. I couldn't refuse! The video is long because it begins with Michael telling Hui-chen's cousin that I should be made to sing (Michael is off camera but clearly audible). We pour the bubbly and then they egg me on. Michael wrote an excellent article about the wedding that was so great, I didn't need to add anything! We suggest that you read his article complete with photos (linked from the above link).
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