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  1. i've been to some of the places that he's visited in Asia and personally, i think he did a poor job talking about the local cuisine. he seems too haughty for my liking.
  2. is there a WAB online photo album that is _not_ hosted on myspace? a photo oriented site such as flickr.com perhaps?
  3. i cannot drink coffee. it gives me heart palpitations. its a posion, really.
  4. the civillian investigation is nearly complete. they have done 3D modeling using Goggle Earth to determine what the pilots could see the last few seconds before they crashed. should prove to be interesting reading. i'm going to publish it as soon as they release the data to me.
  5. Marshall sucks and has sucked for almost 20 years now. back in the day, the old 50 "straight" top ruled. shortly thereafter Orange became the rig to own. these days the only rigs that come close are the ones i mentioned on the previous page.
  6. i am glad that you got to meet Ted and Ann. last time i was in FL *something* came up and Ted couldn't make it!
  7. been playing for 40 years. most of that time was Orange. do not, i repeat, absolutely do not purchase any guitar amplifier until you have checked these out: http://www.thdelectronics.com/products/univalve.htm listen to the audio files. sit down first though.
  8. Julie Newmar http://www.wmob.com/images/art/JulieNewmar.jpg can't believe no one said her yet.
  9. talent and success are unrelated. i hope he figures that out before its too late to do anything about it.
  10. i have been told dozens of times that i resemble someone else. once, at an office opening a couple came up to me and addressed me by another name, and refused to believe that i wasn't that person. it wasn't until my wife came over that they realized i was telling the truth. so, somewhere in NC/NJ there is a guy who can't go into a karaoke bar without someone signing him up for "All By Myself" lol
  11. I have posted all of the photos on my flickr account. They show what happened to the jet on that day....
  12. i agree, it's just that developing nations won't sign up. i've spent considerable time in villages in Thailand and Laos. they do whatever they need to get done, regardless of the impact. frequently i see villagers lighting fires with styrofoam or rubber tire innertubes, something that no one in the US would do. i can't say that i blame them either. its how how things are done there.
  13. Yesterday, i had an interview with a local news reporter. there is an English translation available. thanks to everyone for their support. this has taken an emotional toll on me. http://thenhbushman.blogspot.com/2007/05/5371-united-daily-news-interview.html
  14. Annie, your words give me great face. i'm sure that you can understand that meaning, even though its an Asian concept. the way i view it is this: i only know that what i did was necessary. that's all there is to it.
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