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  1. ernie if wally dosent know about this site please turn him onto it he might be able to download new sounds http://www.patchtronix.com/
  2. ernie the real scoop would be to tell us gear heads out here what settings Wally & Eric used
  3. Roadie number 3 I would like to know if you think these vox modeling amps are any good or what ? I will look for any word you have to say over the months on this also Eric's Rickenbacker is a 350 Liverpool model same one John Lennon used with The Beatles except has a longer neck. Wally could play a cheapo kay guitar and a broken amp and still make it sing he is one of the best.
  4. Kazumi sugoku ii ! watashi wa anata ga ite shiawase desu ! banzai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Dave Smalley's website in the news section says there will be both a DVD and CD of the show.
  6. Looking on Dave Smalley's website in the news section it says both a DVD and CD will be made from the show. Good news for those of us who missed the show
  7. Thats a Vintage 1960s or early 70s Mapleglo Rickenbacker 360/12
  8. Thanks Bernie thats one Beautiful Guitar !
  9. bernie how about a picture of Wally's Rickenbacker ?
  10. Tokyo is not that expensive if you know where to stay and where to eat. Personally I would go to Las Vegas to see Eric but a 12 hour flight to Tokyo from California is too much stress on me to see a rock show.
  11. Gord sure I can sing Lalalalalaaaaaaa Bushman Im going for the more mature refined ones <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />
  12. I like to ones who walk upright and can do the funky chicken
  13. http://photobucket.com/albums/v458/gibsonj45/?action=view&current=ac765860.jpg Please baby go all the way <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />
  14. I am waiting for the Las vegas Shows
  15. I think that The Raspberries could do a webcast FM radio cast computer cast send messages in bottles ect... they could do this thing HUGE if they wanted to they have fans all over the world lets hope they dont do a little shindig with friends and family.
  16. I heard the news today OH BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY about alot of lucky Raspberries Fans who are gonna see the show and tho the news was rather mysterious well I just had to laugh I saw the photograph eric has a rickenbackerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and so does wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally
  17. I am starting to think I have no hope of ever seeing Eric perform.
  18. You need to take a look when the sun is shining in Old London Town it will all make sense to you then. No UFOs Just Cars , people and some white lines painted on the pavement and if your lucky a DoubleDecker will pass by. cheers !
  19. Hi Jennifer isnt that cam cool ? check it out in the UK day time. I was born and raised here in san jose, willow glen area if you know it.
  20. http://www.abbeyroad.com/virtual_visit/webcam/
  21. I dont want to start any trouble by asking this but could it be that Eric cant hit those high notes anymore ? and thats why no tours or even a Las Vegas stint ?
  22. I didnt know about The Rasberries or Eric Carmen until "All By Myself "but I heard GATW on the Radio I was just 7 years old in 1970 , been a lurker here long before I joined to post . Love That Power Pop and Eric is the man !
  23. WHAT ? I could have sworn The Rasberries were in am I wrong ? Maybe I was dreaming.
  24. Any nice person have a link to Pics of when The Raspberries were inducted ? and what year was it ? hi bernie...I havent mailed a check in...im a sorry....
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