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  1. Kazumi got special treatment ! i think she slipped eric a fiver ! NO just kidding RASPBERRIES COME TO CALIFORNIA !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wow ! thanks so much please keep those videos coming ! Love that little shuffle eric does woo hoo and wally looks very ummm excited !
  3. what settings on the New Vox amps are they using ? and most important to me is what setting does Wally use for the intro of GATW ? These New Vox Amps are called Modeling Amps, where the user can pick a amplifire from a Vox to a Marshall or Fender and then put a effect on it. suede
  4. Bummer, I want to see that new video REALLY REALLY BAD !
  5. I see something for a video listing but it is not working for me http://www.hollywoodandvine.com/
  6. shoutcast rocks, i have been using it to listen to japanese pop music and 70s music plus there is a all Elvis station and Pink Floyd and sooooooooo much good music is out there.
  7. thank you thank you thank you , i get that weird erie melancholy feeling just reading the names of the songs so much good music was made in the 70s i think it was the best
  8. Hi , where can I go online and see the top 40 hits of the 70's ? I was 7 years old in 1970 and that music still haunts me. I LOVE THE 70s
  9. Kazumi do you know how many people were at the show ? also how many seats are at Budokan ? just curious
  10. should begin with a R like in Rock and Roll ! dontcha know ! Raspberries Revival
  11. jim i sold a guy a 325v63 about 4 years ago he lived in ohio hmmm maybe it was you ?
  12. JoAnne there will be both a CD and DVD I think the band right now is listening to the music they made and watching the Video to improve for New Years eve and Beyond. I hope its a Very Raspberrie 2005
  13. Bernie those would go well with this here http://homer.netmar.com/~muscon2/r392.jpg
  14. The Raspberries deserve to be in the hall of fame I think they should go on tour : ) and come to san jose : ) maybe that will help ?
  15. ahhhhhhhh Dave was in The Choir too ! what a special group of guys Eric picked a couple of real winners ! or did they pick him ? LOL
  16. who sang it in the 60s ? here is a mp3 i found online of the song bernie if its not kosher to put it here just delete it i lifted it off the web i didnt post it for your enjoyment ladies and gents the choir doing Its Cold Outside http://www.bubblegum-machine.com/itscoldoutside.mp3
  17. Ok I have to ask a dumb question but Confucius say *it is better to look dumb for one minute and ask a question than to never ask and never know the answer and be dumb forever* Did Wally sing *Cold Outside* with the Choir ? I have this song on a Pebbles 60s Compilation it was always one of my favorite obscure 60s nuggets.
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