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  1. WOW Eric Carmen just spoke at me (kinda). You never had any scandals in your rock and roll life and that is kinda rare for a rock star. There are all kinds of things rockers are known for to get in trouble but I won't go there. thanks for the reply. d
  2. i hope he does participate more, he has only answered 1 question on the new forum so far
  3. e, i just want to say you were a great role model for me when i was young playing my piano and rocking out with my guitar ! and i just want to ask you How did you stay out of trouble ?
  4. I wonder how e feels about the new vox amps he was using for the reunion and what setting he used ?
  5. suede


    very retro band for sure ! check out www.youtube.com there are some live videos of the band.
  6. I can only think of the weight issue of guitars as to why Eric played the ones he did because he never really played the most popular models.
  7. Eric just made a comment about how one of his guitars was very heavy (probably 10 pounds) and I have noticed Eric always has a light weight guitar on his shoulders and only seen him once in a picture with a Les Paul which is also 10 pounds. It is safe to say he likes a lightweight guitar
  8. Eric , I know what you are saying ! Back in the late 70s I was Playing All By Myself (instrumental version) to the entire Junior High School for a little talent show and I was last of the kids to do my thing. There was a Girl who knew how to read music and she was turning the pages for me and I played the whole song and just before I was to finish the bell rang and I thought to myself everyone is going to get up and leave before I fisnished the song. Well no one moved a inch I looked at the school teacher and he knodded to continue and I finished the song and everyone applauded and it is a very nice memory for me of my school days. Thank you for all the great tunes you wrote, you are always with me. damon # 311
  9. Trindy, that's rock and roll : )
  10. That reminds me Is Eric a Liberal or Conservative ?
  11. Is this the most emotional song ever written or what ? i have even heard that it was voted in the top 10 of most depressing songs of all time . if ever there was a tear jerker this is it.
  12. suede

    Choir Photos

    I discovered the choir from the pebbles compilations in the early 80s and did'nt know the eric carmen connection until i found this website. thanks gene !
  13. this is some of the best news i have heard ANYWHERE all year ! peace, love and happiness from fan # 311 : )
  14. http://www.geocities.com/uaretheluvofmylife/-_I-Love-You_-.html
  15. I just love the 70s ! I was 13 years old in 76 and had been playing the piano for a few years. I was REALLY into music at that time and I joined my first band when I was 15. The 70s rule!
  16. thanks a lot , i never heard those cyrus erie tunes before
  17. I really wished I could have gone to this show but I moved 4 hours north of where I was living and that was 6 hours north of LA. I can't make it this time, everything I own is in boxes and my life is a mess right now. Still hoping the band will come up north and do a show in San Francisco.
  18. welcome , I was a lurker too long before I joined ! Raspberries Music is Good for your S O U L
  19. there sure is a lot of pictures on the web of that guitar eric gave joan and i found this little blurb too http://www.celebrityrockstarguitars.com/rock/jett.htm
  20. Ok thanks ! Hey Bernie is the story of eric's white gibson on this website ? you know the one he gave to joan jett ? suede
  21. I have a bunch of questions about the raspberries guitars and amps that i would like to ask , do any of the raspberries guitar techs read and post here ? sample question what strings does wally use on his 12 stringer ? flat or round wound ?
  22. Hurray !!!!!! it's a 5 hour drive for me , i lived in Hollyweird in 1985 I bet the air is smoggier too but to see Eric and The Raspberries is worth it ! Hey Raspberries San Francisco is nice too ^^
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