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  1. Ian was in the band for 7 months and he quit because it was Tam's plan to manage Ian's new group "Rosetta Stone" which was going to be another BCR. So Ian may not have really wanted to quit but I am not sure. I hope they get paid back too
  2. I was going to walk into Starbucks and buy the CD as soon as it came out but Amazon is going to have a LTD with some extra tracks.
  3. eric how about posting a picture of you and yer jaggy wire ?
  4. Nice motor ! and not that bad MPG for all those horses. That supercharged will give off the most distinctive sound when you got it wound out. I have a new car too, a mini cooper ^^ Ganbatte !
  5. Gibson now has a 2 pick up model. I hope they make the double cutaway next and in white because..I WANT IT MAN !
  6. Made in the USA and only $350
  7. I just saw this today: Gibson is reissuing the Melody Maker ! yeah I want a white one !
  8. E never had a Rickenbacker ? or did I miss something ? All Mods Play Rickenbackers
  9. I just got a new Macbook and it is pretty darn cool.
  10. VAB go to The John lennon Museum in Saitama, it is a hour train ride from Tokyo Station. All his guitars are in there and it is pretty darn cool. And have some sushi too. Oishii !
  11. Rasberries Music is Chick Magnet Music...That's why I like it.
  12. my take is it sounds a tad bit depressing but there are some nice happy songs on there too.
  13. I am sorry I meant keyboard controller.
  14. eric what kind of computer do you use ? when did you first jump on the www ? thanks
  15. the vox looks to be just a cabinet and off to the right is a marshall head sitting on what looks to be a fender cab. i have never seen a vox amp like this before that is why i asked.
  16. MAM the amp I am looking at on this video where Eric is dressed in Pure white w/ white guitar is not The American Royal Guardsman.
  17. I like your stories and I hope you share more of them with us.
  18. eric was the head hidden somewhere ? it looked like a combo amp.
  19. Eric I was checcking out some old videos of The Raspberries and wanted to ask you what was that Vox amp you were using ? was it one of those AC30s ? it looked bigger than a AC30.
  20. me ? i am a righty. i told my mother that by me getting this bass it would help me with the bass clef. then i quit piano lessons :p
  21. I was 9 when I started taking piano lessons. I quit when I was 16 and got a beatle bass.
  22. eric every note sounds so calculated and precise but then again we don't hear it the same way as you do.
  23. e , are you a mod or a rocker ?
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