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  1. Bernie...We ran this clip all morning at our station....You should hear the unedited piece!!! No mercy for this guy and his girlfriend. They were bombed by peanuts,burgers, cups....
  2. 5 years???? Wow....I was at that show! It gave me a new appreciation for The Knack....loved em!!! It was also the last concert my sister attended before she was lost in an auto accident....that show holds memories.
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/us_baseball_steinbrenner
  4. Aggghhhhhhh!!!! NOT 70!!!!! That makes me feel real old at 58!!! I saw the Moody Blues last Saturday night...and the drummer,Graehm Edge said he was 69.....What's going on with these guys getting old?
  5. Tony,Tony,Tony....Go get a tarp or large thin blanket...sneak up up him and throw the cover on him....if he can't raise his tail, he won't squirt!! Now, with him covered,and you wearing gloves, you feel him through the blanket,figure out where his head is and grab the cup through the blanket and pull it off. Then you position yourself holding the blanket by a corner, and run like hell taking the blanket with you!..... Ta-Da!!!!
  6. No place in time can replace the 60's....a decade of innovation and creativity!
  7. Brian

    Natalie Wood

    Nice find,Bernie!!!!!
  8. Paul Davie.....Great write up! You do accoustic Beatle songs? So do I! Fun to compare "chords" sometime! Congratulations and keep up the good music!!!
  9. Under Effects, isn't that one called "Crosshatch".....or Crosscut", Bernie????? Not at my CS2 right now.....
  10. Clevelander that's worked with many big names since his childhood....even Eric! And a Wikipedia entry on him! Check it out!! http://www.cleveland.com/mycleveland/index.ssf/2010/05/david_spero_shares_memories_of.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ludasaphire/David_Spero
  11. Ahhhhh....the GREAT old days!!! I remember Eric playing drums....Jumping Jack Flash....Street Fighting Man.....I'm thinking it was earlier than 69-70 though....
  12. Where's the tip jar???? My requests......"Waiting"...&..."Anyone Who Had A Heart"
  13. Do you mean Quicktime accessibility???
  14. What happened to this area?? It seems to have lost it's growth potential........
  15. I found this while digging deep into my past!!
  16. OK....GOT IT!!! Check it out,Shelley!! Thanks for your guidance....I found the correct html line to copy/paste!! In the Grass Roots thread!
  17. OK....Thanks....but, what a pain in the ass!!!!
  18. OK...Read it....I guess I can't attach anything unless it's on the web already; on my website, which I don't have.....oh well.......
  19. Thanks for responding,Shelly, but it wants a URL address...I have a jpg to attach! How do I attach a .jpg????? I have a cool pic to attach to the Cyrus Erie thread and can't find out how.....
  20. What one of these icons do I use???
  21. martinwilbury=Marty Murphy...Is this true???? If so, Marty,do you remember me?? I used to visit you at Gateway Drug on Mayfield Rd. all the time when you worked there. Also, remember the night you and Eric drove me back to Chardon after a night in Kent at JB's...then Ravenna????? You had a huge Oldsmobile...I also came over to your house a couple times...you lived off of Brainerd Rd. in a development....
  22. Hi martinwilbury...I read your entry now let me analyze this. I think it was at Chesterland Hullabaloo because from the top of the Marshall's to the ceiling is very high....much like you said, the Mentor Hullabaloo was small and had a lattice framing to the stage.
  23. The Marshalls were added when Wally joined.
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