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  1. I've bever heard of the Parkview Nightclub....sure you were'nt think of the Winchester???? http://www.thewinchester.net/
  2. Thank You all!!! Coincidentily, I had my annual physical scheduled for the day of my 60th birthday.My doctor recommended to me for the first time(now that I was officially an OLD man!) that I get a vaccine for shingles!!! It hit me out of the blue!!! I've heard about shingles before....has anyone else gotten this rather expensive shot????
  3. Local Cleveland rocker icon, Michael Stanley lost his beloved wife to cancer this past Saturday. Many Cleveland rockers may not be aware of this. The following message is from his website. Dear family and friends… It is with an extremely heavy heart that I'm writing to let you know that my beloved wife, Denise Skinner, passed away peacefully Saturday evening at our home after a courageous battle with cancer. I realize that for some of you this news is coming as a complete shock and for others it is the end of a journey that you have shared with us in various ways for the past six months. The list of people who have offered their kind thoughts and prayers and have helped out in so many different ways is quite extensive and your expressions of love and caring were a wonderful and meaningful outreach of support for Denise, myself, and her family. Throughout her final months Denise was constantly in awe of the number of people who surfaced to show their affection for her and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. I hope that you never have to find yourself in a similar situation but if you do I can only hope and pray that you are surrounded with such wonderful and loving friends and family as we have been. Denise's wish was to end her earthly journey at home surrounded by family, friends and, of course, her beloved pets. And, with the help of many of you, I have tried to do my best to see that her wishes were carried out. Denise's wishes were that there be no funeral or memorial services and that her ashes (along with those of her LA pets and our four-legged Cleveland entourage) be scattered at several places on what was truly her spiritual home, the big island of Hawaii: it is where she always wanted to end up and I will see to it that her wish is fulfilled. Some of you have already asked me if there is something you could do in her memory and, if you so desire, a donation in her name to your favorite animal rescue organization would be what she would have wanted. Our story together started thirty years ago with a brief meeting, a twenty year period where we crossed paths only twice as we lived separate lives several thousand miles apart, and a completely random, unplanned, reconnecting eleven years ago that defied all odds…but it did and the past eleven years have been nothing but wonderful and we had great plans for growing old together. She was a loving, caring, partner who brought me only joy, made me a better person and I loved her with all my heart. I have been truly blessed to have had the time together that we did. One of the last things I got to say to her was that I found her before and that I'll find her again…and her answer, accompanied by a beautiful smile, was “You better!†Once again, thank you all for your love and support and when you think of Denise please think of the beautiful woman who cared nothing for “things†but valued above all else her family, her friends, her animals, and her journey through life…and please remember her smile, her laugh, and her love of all of you… DO NOT STAND BY MY GRAVE AND WEEP DO NOT STAND BY MY GRAVE AND WEEP DO NOT STAND BY MY GRAVE AND WEEP I AM NOT THERE…I DO NOT SLEEP I AM A THOUSAND WINDS THAT BLOW I AM THE DIAMOND GLINT ON SNOW I AM THE SUNLIGHT ON RIPENED GRAIN I AM THE GENTLE AUTUMN RAIN… WHEN YOU WAKE IN THE MORNING HUSH I AM THE SWIFT UPLIFTING RUSH OF QUIET BIRDS IN CIRCLING FLIGHT I AM THE SOFT STARLIGHT AT NIGHT DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE AND CRY DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE AND CRY DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE AND CRY I AM NOT THERE…I DID NOT DIE… (American Indian prayer) Peace…Michael Stanley
  4. During the early 70's, nothing could touch "G'Bye to Jane"
  5. Cool!!! What site did you get this from???
  6. Happy Birthday,Eric!!! How about meeting at Maggiano's or McCormick & Schmicks for dinner/drinks??? Hash out the good ol days in Cleveland music???
  7. She was a major, MAJOR piece of Cleveland rock history!!! http://www.cleveland.com/popmusic/index.ssf/2011/07/jane_scott_legendary_plain_dea.html
  8. Get a Mac........................
  9. ....And we thought Donny Osmond was "soft".............
  10. Brian

    Super 8

    Ehhhh....It was OK. Filled with Spielberg cliches....I thought acting was over the top....It was very much like Close Encounters,especially the ending except this time, instead of mash potatoe mountain, it was the towns' water tower. We've seen this type of storyline before. Effects were great....alien wasn't believable.....I liked the 70's setting though! I think a lot of people are going gaga over this film because we've been starved for ANY big budget film for so long. I should've waited for the DVD.
  11. Better...."Put another dime in the jukebox,baby!".....
  12. Brian


    I know for a fact, that The Chesterland Hulabaloo had paneling in the band room....
  13. Has FAKE written all over it.......................
  14. Man, you hit the nail on the head!! As a matter of fact, Cyrus Erie played all of these except God Only Knows,Be My Baby,He's a Fool...of course Raspberries added Be My Baby. Is that you putting the vinyl on the platter,Bernie??? I didn't live in Lyndhurst back then, but I did live in the Cleveland area(Chardon)and hit all the "dance" venues back then.....tell me,wasn't the music GREAT back then???????
  15. They printed my entry about the good ole days in Cleveland..... http://www.cleveland.com/remembers/index.ssf/2011/05/teen_fair_with_van_morrison_an.html
  16. http://www.cleveland.com/movies/index.ssf/2011/03/elizabeth_taylor_dies_at_79.html
  17. Wow! Those were great suggestions even though I've been there a few times!! I'll keep those suggestions also!!! Also, it's more congested than you may think!
  18. Lucky You!!! I love it there!!! Usually it's hot & very humid when we go there....mid June,so you may have it easy! Do visit Dry Tortugas National Park ....68 miles out in the Gulf....used as a prison for Union soldiers during the Civil War....very isolated but great chance to get a tan! Also see 6-toed cats at Ernest Hemingways house on Whitehead St......nightlife is wild and crazy along Duval St.....Sloppy Joes is fun....there are tours during the day on open wagons. The shops are very different!!! Have a GREAT time!!!!
  19. "When You Were With Me".....off of The Choir CD.....Great lyrics.....nice melody.
  20. Brian

    Your first job?

    I stood at the top of a hill of a ski resort....as the skiers came off the lift, it was my job to steady the J-Bars so the cable wouldn't come off the big wheel.....Absolutly FREEZING! I stood there in howling winds of blizzards......for $1. an hour!!!! I was...."The Fool On The Hill".
  21. Nice addition and recollection,Bernie!! I could feel your excitement in your words!! The Utopia has not only been a place where Raspberries played but many acts from the late 60's and 70's. Though not as popular as The Agora, The Utopia was also a venue many young and raw acts appeared. Can't remember the exact year,but one time a buddy and I were driving around wondering who was playing at The Utopia that night. We didn't want to get out of the car to go inside, so we drove around to the back of the place and the current band was on break, hanging around outside the back door. I asked some long haired hippie type who was playing that night. He said, "I am"! I asked, "Well who are you?". "I'm Tommy James."....I replied,"Oh....never heard of you!", and we left! Ha! I guess we should've went in,eh??????
  22. I wouldn't want to do what this guy does either!!!! Watch it till the end and see where he ends up!!!
  23. Wow! So many!....That's a lot of "Cha-chings"!
  24. Bernie...Please explain that first hit in.....1977?????
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