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  1. UPDATE.......Wally's Band will also perform!!!! http://www.stringzwingz.com/sonnygeracibenefit.htm
  2. Many of you on this site recognize the name of Sonny Geraci....lead vocalist for The Outsiders until parting ways in 1970. The Cleveland band was best known for their nationally acclaimed hit "Time Won't Let Me." Other hits included "Respectable" and "Help Me Girl." A total of four albums were recorded by the band on Capitol Records. Sonny also had a successful solo career. In 1972 "Precious And Few" was his biggest hit which he recorded with Climax. For years, Sonny has been on the oldies circuit playing to hundreds of thousands......millions...... of fans throughout the years. A great singer......and my neighbor.....whose family now has had to endure challenging times. A year and a half ago, Sonny suffered a brain aneurysm putting the family in dire straits financially. Thankfully, he is slowly recovering and will live through this. Although his singing future my be over. There is a benefit being held, here in the Cleveland area,November 15th & 16th. Friends of Sonnys' from his life are coming forward and contributing to this event. Check out the names from the enclosed link......many famous names from our music generation are performing for this benefit. I'm sure it will be a great event and if you're in the area, would be a worthwhile show to see! http://www.stringzwingz.com/sonnygeracibenefit.htm
  3. $39. for almost a million plays?????....Who made THAT deal?????
  4. Cayennegirl......That was Filthy McNasty's in Kent. A large dumpy dance bar....certainly not to be confused with J.B.'s in Kent who hosted The James Gang,Raspberries.....got drunk in there one night when ec and Marty Murphy rescued me.....
  5. Eric....You had me rolling on the floor laughing about what you thought of those prog rock acts of the early 70's.....I was there with you.....in Cleveland...the same clubs.....I liked The Agora.....The Piccadilly(the penthouse club).....the Hullabaloos.....but could never get that excited about going to Peabodys......or any of the blues clubs. Yes, I was there when Cyrus Erie played with the Who at Musicarnival and agree....no one plays or puts on a show like the Who in their heyday. I have to admit though, after Tommy they lost something. It's hard to relate to out of towners......or children of this new generation what we had back then......You guys showed up with stacks of Marshalls.....a huge drumkit...flashy clothes...and kicked ass on those great songs.. BTW...went to Beachwood Mall yesterday....was hoping to see you....
  6. Rare photos of The Cyrus Erie with Randy Klawon on guitar.....University School Prom,1969
  7. Oh....that article is from June, 1975.........
  8. Here's a couple more photos that accompany the previous post of Chesterland Hulabaloo. Just to the left of that entrance is a small stone wall. I sat on that wall with Wally as he played his new double neck Gibson before the music began that night. He showed me all the dials and switches as he played the run for "Something in the Air", though I don't recall the band ever playing that song. Note the James Gang band......led by Joe Walsh.
  9. Chesterland Hulabaloo was a major player in exposing NE Ohio bands. It consisted of.....a metal building...concrete floor...soft drink stand...office...coat check area...restrooms...bandroom. Accousticly, the worst place for music!....yet made it's mark in Cleveland Rock and Roll history!
  10. That's great news, Eric,and I know you're excited about getting more life out of your excellent portfolio! Good luck....and hope to see you around Beachwood and Chagrin Falls!
  11. Details of the Hank LaConti birthday party March 22.... http://www.877cleveland.com/2013/03/05/thank-hank-the-biggest-birthday-party-of-the-year/
  12. Sad passing of 10 Years After guitarist... http://www.alvinlee.com/
  13. Scroll down to No. 32..... http://photos.cleveland.com/4501/gallery...more/index.html
  14. Wild Thing.....a benchmark in music! http://www.cleveland.com/music/index.ssf/2013/02/reg_presley_leader_of_the_trog.html
  15. We did a lot of Beatles....No Reply, I Don't Wanna Spoil the Party,Slow Down,...and I gotta say our harmonies were as good as could be! Some Byrds.....Left Banke.....When You Were With Me.....etc..... We were at a Christmas Party and we both have known the host/hostess for many years...like 40! A lotta other Cleveland musicians show up each year and we jam, jam,jam!!!!!
  16. He wasn't too bad.....knew where all the changes were.... sang on key!
  17. Note the P.A. system...dual Shure column speakers in each corner...I don't know how the crowd behind the stage ever heard them!! Audiences don't have any idea how lucky they are these days with the advanced sound systems and accoustics!!
  18. Grainy and not the best seats in the house, but still, vintage photos of that time.......
  19. I believe that this is the night Wally speaks of when he says Pete Townshend showed him the opening chords of "Substitute". Also, I'm a bit puzzeled about the evidence of two Rickenbacker guitars. We all know of Wally's beloved 12 string,but don't know why another is sitting there......???????
  20. I came across a couple old photos....after running them through Photoshop and Lightroom they came out OK....Thought I'd share them! 60's...The Choir opening for The Who at Cleveland's Public Hall....
  21. We went to Cleveland's Severance Hall last night to see The Cleveland Orchestra perform this piece as well as two others. Severance Hall is a jewel of a performance hall....one of the best in the world....and a befitting orchestra to fill it! So much history. During the final movement of Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2, the familiar notes of All By Myself become evident....during the lines, "And love so distant and obscure...." to the chorus. Again,Cleveland is so fortunate to have this remarkable,precious orchestra to perform in this beautiful hall. I included a section of the program.... Also.....did you know....that the opening scene in the movie, Air Force One, from 1997, was shot on the roof of Severance Hall?
  22. Hey....Thanks you guys!! And here I thought I was forgotten!!!! Speaking of forgotten.....where is the namesake of this website????
  23. "......blue shirt, blue jeans and white tennies!" That was the "cool" way to dress at the time....it was a hot summer.....guys dressed to look cool!!! Remember, jeans weren't around that long before then....maybe 8-10 years.Only those bad kids wore bluejeans!
  24. That's me(not Eric) smashing a Woolworth guitar played just for that song...Song was My Generation...and the only string that would stay in tune was the low E....I guess that's all that mattered!!! On my mac at home, these pics are vertical....on this PC, they're horizontal....I wonder why????
  25. My band opened for The Quick at Park Middle School in Chardon,Ohio. What a date it was....one day after Eric's birthday....days before Woodstock....the month of the Manson killings....a month after man walked on the moon.
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