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    Where's Eric?

    Is Eric still living in the Cleveland area?? Been awhile since I've been here but Bernie should remember when I shared my videos of The Cyrus Erie and The Who at Music Carnival.... Last I knew Eric was still here but that was a couple years ago.......
  2. Giving grease a ride!
  3. R.I.P..........Leo Murphy.....Father of Marty Murphy, one of Eric's best friends and also an original member of Cyrus Erie passed. He served as the trainer for The Cleveland Browns many years. https://www.cleveland.com/obituaries/index.ssf/2018/08/leo_murphy_94_worked_longer_th.html
  4. Hey Marty....Eh,I mean martinwilbury.....I was also at that show where CE opened for Jeff Beck Group. Mentor Hullabaloo on a wintery Sunday afternoon. I was sitting....yes,sitting...on the floor with Jeff beck within reach of me. Rod Stewart on vocals...Jeff Beck,guitar....Ron Wood,bass....Mick Waller,drums....I distinctively remember the drummer shaking his head in disgust about Mike McBrides drum set-up. I thought his kit was great! Sweat dripped off of Beck's nose he was so intense. And yes....no one could play Nights in White Satin like Cyrus Erie! I miss our conversations at Gateway Drug,Marty!
  5. I think the opening is played fingers across the D,G,B, and E strings at the 7th fret,with hammers on the G string,9th fret.........then B string,10th fret....G string, 11th fret. I saw Eric play this part....not sure what Wally played. Droning on the A string throughout.... ????
  6. This guy is one of the best classic Rock guitarists on Youtube...I think he nailed this!
  7. BTW....I am "catter" in the comments section........I wanted to voice how I truly feel about Eric and his rightful earnings.....
  8. http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2015/11/former_raspberries_singer_eric.html#incart_m-rpt-1
  9. In the Cyrus Erie pic on stage....wasn't the guy in the striped shirt named Pete??? A roadie??? BTW...what was Don Ladanyi's younger brothers name?? He was a roadie with Pete....
  10. Imagine how good Clapton would have been had he learned to play guitar with ALL his fingers....he never uses his pinky! Observe......
  11. I remember first being exposed to The Small Faces music through The Cyrus Eris...... http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/12/ian_mclagan_rip_me_and_mac_a.html#incart_river
  12. An updated article.....with a video.... http://www.cleveland.com/music/index.ssf/2014/12/bobby_keys_sax_player_for_the.html#incart_river
  13. http://www.cleveland.com/music/index.ssf/2014/12/bobby_keys_sax_player_for_roll.html#incart_river
  14. I recall not seeing the Raspberries for the first time, rather The Cyrus Erie. It was at the Chesterland Hullabaloo....Before they took the stage, their equipment was impressive, and at that age, these guys had professional gear! Impressive. When the music began, they were dead on the songs....Can you imagine Nights In White Satin being played on a Farfisa(I think) and sounding exactly like the song?? The Who(pre-Tommy) were my favorites....Substitute was exact...as well as Tatoo...We later found out Townshend personally showed Wally how to play these. Michael McBride was a powehouse drummer...also popped out front to do Mick Jagger songs while Eric manned the skins.....Bob McBride silently buoyed the group with solid bass.... Early on, Marty Murphy was also on guitar...they did songs like "Come On Up" by The Young Rascals.....I recall "Love Is Blue", by Paul Mauriet.....Left Banke songs off the first album...."Positively 4th St." song by Wally....."Rollin Over" by The Small Faces as well as a kick ass version of Tin Soldier, My Way of Giving, I'm Only Dreaming.....Open My Eyes by The Nazz.... You had to be there, gang! Nothing like this group had ever hit the stage before in Cleveland....even eclipsing The Choir.....these guys had the equipment, the songs, the stage clothes....they were stars! Back then every group wore stage clothes....something that isn't done as much nowadays. I saw them at the Hulabaloo's, CYO dances,Clevelands rock & roll bars.....I visited Marty many times at his job at Gateway Drug Store in Lyndhurst while attending John Carroll University...we chatted for hours about the group, equipment,Cleveland music, and music worldwide. It was not unusual to be at Record Rendezvous browsing the latest 45's and to look up and see Eric & Marty standing alongside you.....or to be shopping at Richman Bros and see Eric searching for new stage clothes. The music community was tight and we all lived within the same culture. Guitars, songs, girls, and gigs were all that mattered. Great memories of the day...sorry I went on longer than I should have.......
  15. Streaming on Yahoo...... https://screen.yahoo.com/live/event/everly-brothers-tribute
  16. http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/10/jack_bruce_bassist_of_60s_band.html#incart_river
  17. http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/08/power-pop_legend_eric_carmen_o.html#incart_river
  18. Birdy....Just found this excellent piece on Denny Carlton's site.....a Cleveland music pioneer himself....He does a good job piecing it all together....a good read for all that want more about Cleveland's rock roots! http://ats.dennycarleton.com/cleveland_rock_history
  19. Anybody who lives, or lived, in Cleveland during the 1970's knew who Murray was. Every Friday evening he would welcome in the weekend with his wild rants about the "slave-driver boss" and becoming a cheerleader to "Get Down!" on WMMS radio. A Cleveland radio icon, for sure! http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/05/murray_saul_remembered_by_thos.html#incart_m-rpt-1
  20. Eric.....I was there in the old days.....knew Marty & you when we were in Kent together, even at John Carroll.......during The Hulabaloo days.....spoke with you at Beachwood Place a couple years ago.......The Cyrus Erie, The Quick,....still live in Chagrin Falls..... I recall this all from years ago and it pains me to re-live it again.....even back then, there was discord amongst the band....sorry to hear that the "monster" still lives...... ................moving on..............
  21. Ahhhh....I was there during those times,also. The Choir was the house band at The Stables in the Painesville Shopping Center.....played for us non-alcoholic types on Sunday afternoons....Eric, remember the Watergate Apartments you lived in?? Actually, the Gold Coast was referenced to the West side of Cleveland....the east side was just the east side.... A lot of Cleveland guys shared Eric's taste of music......the kick ass music came from bands........nothing beats seeing The Who onstage as one entity....wouldn't have worked if it was Roger Daltrey and Friends.....
  22. I see they used my photo of Eric & my story in the accompanying link about the Teen Fair in Cleveland...Cool!!
  23. Brian

    Phil Everly

    I met Phil Everly back in the 80's at The Sahara Club in Willoughby Hills,Ohio. They were playing The Front Row...Phil & Don, along with their band, including Albert Lee came by after their gig for a night out. The Sahara had an outdoor barbecue area that was great....you could be inside the hot bar with the band, or outside, under the stars. I was introduced to Phil by a mutual friend. He and I stood alone at one point on the patio conversing about their upcoming performance in Las Vegas.....told me about his son....and asked me what I thought of those giant wide-screen video screens they have at concerts(Like I said, it was the 80's!). The crowd stared....disbelieving that Phil Everly showed up at their favorite bar! He was very nice and personal....came up to me a few times over the evening to chat. He along with the band, The Secret (with Wally Bryson) did some jamming before the night was over. I didn't realize at the time what a legend The Everly Brothers were. I look back and cherish that moment!
  24. Joan acknowledges Eric's Melody Maker.....
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