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  1. I am reading a book called "The Shell Game" by Steve Alten. It is about the "Next 9/11". It is a fictional story but the author uses facts to tell his story. The facts come from before 2001 up to the present. Many of his facts are about the September 2001 attack. Very interesting reading. And of course, 9/11 happened because of OIL and the next "attack" is also about OIL. Hey Eric, thanks for this interesting thread ! Jeff Engel mistere3148@att.net
  2. A Cyrus Erie recording wold be amazing. There were some great songs from that time frame. In regards to Wally having a great voice on some cover songs -> his version of "Nights in White Satin" was better than the Moody Blues. Wally singing that song could bring tears to your eyes. It was THAT good ! Jeff Engel
  3. Wow! Thanks for bringing it up. Jeff Engel
  4. Seems to me that "Try" and "Instant Replay" were both Cyrus Erie songs in the WHO mode from around 1968 -69 era. I wish someone had recorded those performances at the Hullaballoos. Those were some great shows. "And when you realy nedd it the most... that's when Rock-N-Roll dreams come through."
  5. As most of you know, the Choir will be reuniting this weekend for two shows. Jim was on Cleveland radio station WMJI, with Kenny Margolis. The DJ's interviewed them about the reunion show. Unfortunately, you could tell that the DJ's did not know much about the Choir or the Raspberries. John Lanigan did mention that he saw the Raspberries in Denver and really liked the show. He commented that at the beginning of the Denver show, the crowd was kind of quiet, but by the end of the show, the Raspberries had them jumping. But he didn't know Jim was the drummer in the Raspberries. There was also a nice article about the Choir in the local News Herald on Sunday and in the Plain Dealer on Tuesday. Jim did mention that a live CD of the Raspberries was in the works. Are they still talking about a DVD ? ROCK and ROLL DREAM COME TRUE Jeff
  6. I wish I could take you all back to those early days at the Chesterland Hallaballoo and the Mentor Hullaballoo, and the Agora and Cyrus Erie West. Every night was an explosion of new stuff. You never knew what they would play. They would come out and say, "Here's a song by....". Many times the crowd had never heard of the artist. The guys would play this great song. A few days later the song would be moving up the chart by the original artist and you would recognize it. Wally and Eric had this knack for finding great songs to copy... and do it better than the original. And they were so versitle. They could play Left Banke, Moody Blues, Stones Beatles, Who, Small Faces, Todd Rundgren and Nazz, Led Zeppelin etc. Their 25 minutes medley of Who songs was exhilerating. And then they would say, "Here's one of our own." You would fall in love with their orginals. And then one day you would hear it on the radio. What a thrill. It would leave me speechless. (It's hard to talk with a huge smile on your face !) And then I would spend all day calling radio stations to get them to play the songs over and over. I wish you all could have been there. But now, many of you have seen what it was like so many years ago! Rock and Roll Dreams Come True Jeff Engel mistere@stratos.net
  7. Fun to read all the comments about the "discovery" of E.C. and the Raspberries. I'm surprised that no one had a story about the VERY early days. My introduction to the "legends" came in about 1968 at the Chesterland Hallaballoo. I was there with friends. We had no idea who the band was. The opening act was OK. Then came the Cyrus Erie. I really wasn't paying that much attention until they started playing. I was talking to a friend when the band started into "Magic Bus" by the Who. My eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped at the perfect cover of the song. Maybe this was really the Who playing incognito! The next song was "Jumpin Jack Flash" by the Stones.... again , perfect! So it wasn't the Who, it was the Stones playing in secret. This went on all night long. I was AMAZED!!! I was also hooked. And as I went to see them week after week (for $ 1.50 a show), my admiration grew. Many of you have commented about songs you would like to see the Raspberries play. I have many also. But to single out one song that Wally used to do, you have to see him sing "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues. Listen to the song, and imagine Wally belting out those lyrics with his eyes closed. I can't explain the emotion. There are so many memories of those days. And the evolution from the Cyrus Erie, to the Quick, to the Raspberries was super fun to watch. And then after weeks of watching the Raspberries on Sunday night at the Cleveland Agora, they started to play originals. Songs they wrote. WOW ! I just knew they would break out of Cleveland. They did. And then seeing them became harder and harder. (And it cost more than $ 1.50 too !!) Then I had to wait 32 years! But when I heard those first chords for "I Want To Be With You" at the House of Blues in Cleveland on November 26, 2004, it was the Chesterland Hallaballoo all over again..... My eyes were wide open,, my jaw dropped, then to a huge smile, and tears in my eyes... Thanks Guys.... the journey continues.
  8. Action Jackson on Cleveland radio station WMJI had a game where the caller has to sing the end of an intro he plays. Today was " I Wanna Be With You." He mentioned that it was Eric's birthday and then played the song. Jeff Engel mistere@stratos.net
  9. WOW !!! "I Don't Know What I Want" - Eric said it was his tribute to the WHO. I remember the days when they would play a Who medley that would last for 45 minutes with the same power we saw last night. Again, THANKS GUYS. When you really, really need it the most.... that's when rock-n-roll dreams come true. Jeff Engel
  10. I was on line as soon as the presale started. By 10:08 I had completed my order. I don't have my tickets yet. I hope it was worth it to go the "presale route". Those who went to TicketMaster get their tickets immediately. With the luck I have going to concerts, I always worry that my order will get lost somehow. Jeff Engel
  11. It was on "FRIENDS" when Joey got his own apartment. It played while Chandler looked out the window at the rain, and Joey looked through his "waterfall art." Jeff Engel
  12. I ordered my tickets on Thursday during the pre-sale. I see Steve is in Row K. I never have good luck with this stuff. Hopefully I will have better luck this time. It would be nice to have a good SEAT. We STOOD a long time at the first show. I really didn't notice because I was so thrilled just to be there witnessing "the impossible". But when I went to leave - my feet and legs were numb. Jim was on the radio yesterday. He was all excited as usual. The DJ, John Lanigan, was happy to hear that the Raspberries would be playing in Denver over the July 4th weekend while he is there. He said he planned to see the show. Jeff Engel
  13. Dale Did you see Ted Nugent in the Amboy Dukes at Geauga Lake ? I saw some of the shows you mentioned. Remember when you could see the Rasberries, James Gang, Freeport, Damnation, Alice Cooper etc. for $ 1.50 !!!! Jeff Engel
  14. Bob Allen Thanks for the Information on Artful Dodger. They are one of my favorites also. I have all four of their albums. Rave is great!! I saw them "live" in Cleveland several times. They played the Agora two or three times and Cleveland State once. They were a great live band. Too bad they never hit it big. At least we have four albums to "rock" with. "...when you really, really need it the most... that's when rock and roll dreams come through." Jeff Engel
  15. The Raspberries web site says that the Raspberries are confirmed for Denver on July 2 I contacted the mayor of Eastlake, Ohio to see if he could get the Raspberries to play a semmer concert in the Eastlake baseball stadium. He said he would pass on the information. I haven't heard anything from him. I think I'll e-mail him again Jeff Engel
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